6 Month Sleevaversary

Well that came way too fast. What a month! I’ve been here, there, and everywhere it seems. I have to say I was surprised, yet not really, with my results this month.  I mean I have been in the scale every day, I know how much it’s not moving, no matter how much I seem to run. My therapist reminded me this week that I am on medication that causes significant weight gain…I’m now at a point where my body is likely fighting that chemistry. Well yay. Terrific. So happy about that reality check…really 😒

So without further ado…drum roll

Month 6: 

  • Weight loss: -3.4 lbs (Wa Wa Wummm)
  • Inches loss: -6″ (cha Ching!)

Loss to date:

  • Weight: -65.6 lbs (An average 9 year old)
  • Inches: -39.75″ (the height of an average 5 year old)

On the inches perspective I am seriously making some major progress and I am happy. I can really see a difference in my body. In fact, when my husband and I started dating I was 14 lbs lighter than my current weight and both of us agree that I actually look slimmer now than I did at 160! Go figure, eh?

NSV (because those are what I have to focus on at this rate)

  • I am in a size 12 pant and a medium top. Woot!
  • My running gets better every day. I’m still focused and getting more diciplined in this area. Crossfit is back on in June or earlier. Nervous about that but very excited to see the dramatic changes that are sure to come from adding that back into my life. 
  • See inches lost above 😆
  • The only loose skin I seem to have right now is in my upper arms. It’s not bad, but very noticeable to me. Hoping CF will reduce this. It will either help it or make it look worse…
  • Vegas was amazeballs and I felt like I looked like a rockstar. I felt so pretty! Hubs thought I looked boo-koo hot too. 
  • We walked the strip for hours and I didn’t get tired in the slightest. 
  • I showed my ‘before’ picture to my co-worker and she said she would never have guessed it was the same person. That makes two of us, sweet lady.
  • I ordered a new bathing suit and it’s not BLACK!  And it has an open back! (Hope it looks good on…).
  • I’ve been sun bathing naked (I live on a 30 acre farm, no one can see me) and I don’t feel embarrassed about it in the least. 
  • I can maneuver much better in the bedroom and I don’t have to close my eyes the whole time for fear of seeing myself. (TMI, I know but this is a biggie for me).
  • The kids can wrap their arms around me when they hug me and then some.
  • Kids still having a hard time recognizing me when I call for them in public. This one never fails to crack me up. 
  • I am diligently taking my vitamins every day!

So, I still need to get more diciplined with meal planning. Not so much for food choices as much as it is for proper nourishment and protein intake. I still don’t think I’m getting enough each day. 

With the exception of meal planning I am doing well with my goals. Why the scale isn’t really moving hardly, it is clear I am still making great progress. My body’s just shaking itself out, I think. Not sure if I will ever see 140 but I will continue to stay focused and maybe the scale will start moving again. Let’s pray!

Much love sleevers!! Xoxo


Pictures say a thousand words

My husband was looking at ‘before’ and ‘now’ pictures of me today and showing them off to clients (note to husband: please don’t do that!).  But he was telling me how shocked he was himself to see those pictures of me from 4 months ago. He said he never “saw me that way”. Welcome to my world buddy. I never saw myself that way either. I mean, I know I was (still am) overweight but what I saw in the mirror compared to pictures was definitely a distorted kind of mind denial or something. I know I’ve posted this picture before, but I have to say this one was my last straw – I scheduled my surgery the very next week. 

I know I still have a long way to go but I see pictures of me now compared to this and I’m so revved I made this decision and am on this journey!


And this was 15lbs ago!
Keep in mind, I was working out and dieting like crazy for 2+ years in the first photo! Lose 10, gain 30…yo-yo roller coaster from hell, you all know the drill. 


Yes you will. It’s been a little more than 3 months and I am kissing myself for taking control.  

This is NOT EASY. I fight my food addiction Every. Day. And I am having to re-program my emotional and behavioral habits of turning to food. I swear I had no idea how affected I was until after surgery.  But I am making progress!


I tore down those walls on September 16th. And I’m seeing progress! I’m healthier. I’m more confident. I’m happier.  And I’m a better person today for all of those things. 

Best. Decision. Ever.  

What to blog?

So I think of a million things I want to blog about everyday – do I write them down? No. So here comes the night time when I have the time and want to blog…and I’m blank…

I have all of my Christmas DONE and only one more present to wrap when it arrives (hopefully) as scheduled on Wednesday!  Feeling very spiritual and excited about this time of giving and prayer. 

I look back on my 2015.  It was a year of major changes, job, career, VSG, marriage, faith. All good and my cup over-floweth with joy! 

A friend of mine was asking for recommendations for a life planner.  I was so inspired by that idea! I downloaded an app that might be good. I’m going to try it for a couple of weeks and determine if a written planner/journal would be best for me instead of an app though. I am still a notes girl even though I do use OneNote.  We’ll see and I will update which I go with in case you’re interested too. I would love to lay out goals for 2016, inspirations and journaling my progress. Not just with weight loss but with all areas in my life. (And blog ideas!) 

So here are my Stats:

  • HW: 240
  • SW: 230
  • CW: 189

Have to tell you I felt like I would never see 180’s again. And to think…in 3 more months where will I be? It’s exciting!  

So that was a quickie for tonight. More tomorrow.  Until then, shine on!


PS-made an appointment with my therapist finally and looking forward to that! It’s been 3 months!  4 by the time I see her in January.