Bu-Bye Crossfit

So I did Crossfit for about a year and a half before I had surgery. I absolutely despised it the entire time. Quite honestly I think the only reason I did it at all was because it was something my husband and I did together. 

We’re talking anxiety attacks and yes, sobbing, on the way to the box almost every time. Many times I cried during Crossfit too. I thought it had to be my weight and because I was trying to sling around 240 lbs that’s why it made me so miserable. 

So I thought/hoped that maybe now it might not be bad-that because I’ve lost all of this weight it wouldn’t just totally suck anymore. Plus it was still something my husband and I could do together. He doesn’t run at all so it’s not like that was an option. So I (thank God) IM’d the Crossfit coach and was straight with him. Said I was anxious about coming back and signing a contract, only to realize I still f’g hated it. So he told me I could just do a punch card first and then at the end of the month see what’s up. Ok, I can handle that…

So I went April 1st. Dreaded it the whole day. Hated everything about it while I was doing it and my outlook was grim after I was finished. Crap. 

I need to add something more to my exercise than just running and yoga-but I’m really not disciplined to do strength trianing from an app or Pinterest–what in the world was I going to do?

One golden nugget fell into my lap as we waited for the Crossfit class to begin that night. One of the ladies was talking about how she had done this and that and everything was just too Boring for her. Then I heard her mention ‘the kickboxing gym in (my town)’. I think I knocked someone over as I reeled around with great interest in finding out more about this kickboxing gym. Here? We have a real kickboxing gym close by? Apparently we do. And I was vera, vera excited about that!! I did real kickboxing in late Highschool and loved it. Then we moved to GA after I graduated and I have just never found one that was the real deal anywhere near me so didn’t get back into it. So of course the next opportunity I got I stopped into said gym. They do kickboxing, muiy tai (sp?) kickboxing, boxing and Crossfit. You’re not limited to days you can go or which activity – you can do CF then walk right over and do the kickboxing class then stay for open gym, 6 days a week! And it’s only $20 more a month! 

I took my first class to make sure they were the real deal – no gi and lots of sweat. I swiped my card right after class was over. And every time I go I am so excited and pumped to get there and do it. This is what I needed- this is not only motivation, but a hella workout and the best one-on-one personal trianing I’ve ever seen. I am in love! So running-check. Yoga-check. Now kickboxing-check! So freaking excited! I’m bruised and blistered and starting to get a little calloused, and I’m sore like I should be using all of these muscles in new ways so I know the results are sure to come. 

Moral of the story – find the workouts that get you jazzed. Don’t fit yourself into a box that you think you should be in to get a workout in. 

On the running front, I am making HUGE progress. 6 months ago I was running a 16:30 average mile. Now I’m doing under 13! I’m almost there to goal – May 21 is the Big Day–the 1st goal race. Running the entire race without stopping to walk at all. I’m close. So close. Getting better every time. Still not getting over 10 miles a week like I want to but I’m getting 8-9 miles… Not too far off. I don’t get nervous before a run anymore. I’m not interval trianing anymore either. Just the MMR app that tells me pace and distance as I go and then logs it in my history. 

Yoga in the mornings, running in the afternoon (as many days as work allows) and kickboxing in the evening (as many days as kid’s sports allow). Here I come healthy!! 

My 7 month sleevaversary is Saturday. Husband has a Warrior Dash obstacle race the afternoon and then I have a 5k that night so I think Sunday we’ll do measurements. Let’s see where I’m at…  



5 Month Sleevaversary 

I have mixed feelings about the numbers this month. Here are the stats:

  • HW: 240
  • Pre-surgery: -9.2
  • Month 1: -22
  • Month 2: -9.6
  • Month 3: -9.2
  • Month 4: -7.6
  • Month 5: -4.2
  • Total Loss To Date: -61.8

We all know the scale has been stuck for me this month, to my utter frustration! And we all know I’ve been off my game this month due to major stress and life events.  I shouldn’t be surprised at only a 4.2 loss – I guess I should be happy I lost any at all. But really, 4.2 lbs?! Plus I was really hoping I’d be in the 160’s by Vegas-which is 2 weeks away. *sigh* that’s not going to happen. 

The reason I have mixed emotions about this is because of my measurements. They came in surprisingly decent. I’ve lost a total of 7.5 inches this month alone. Here are my grand totals since surgery: 35.25 inches!!!

I feel smaller. Husband says I feel smaller too.  It’s SO hard not to compare myself to other sleevers, some are miles ahead of me at 5 months!

Ok, so I am not going to ho-hum anymore about the numbers, so I’ll just get on with just a couple NSV’s (not a whole lot since last post).

  • I’m wearing a lot of medium tops now like t-shirts and such. 
  • I think I’m in a 12 pants. Some are still pretty tight but others fit just fine. Depends on the brand, but I’m counting it!
  • My running has definitely gone up a notch since last month. I can run a whole 1.5 miles without having to stop and walk. And then I only have to walk a couple of minutes and can then run a 10 minute stretch again. My minute/mile run has improved by almost 3 minutes!
  • Work is going fabulous! Remember I changed careers last May…Seriously I’m doing so well I’m worried about falling off this mountain I’m on. But I’m totally focused, so I’ll just be staying right here, if you please. 

Goals for this month:

  • Meal planning. I must I must I must. 
  • Get back to tracking my nutrients in MFP. 
  • I have two 5ks before my 6mo surgaversary and I’m hoping to finish at least one of them at 40mins or less. (This may be ambitious).
  • I really need to start doing strength training again. I don’t go back to cross-fit until June so I have to get more diciplined in this area. Debating calling my personal trainer for sessions until then. It’s so expensive though…
  • 10+ lbs this month. 

I have a myriad of other goals for myself this month but these listed are specific to my WLS journey. I am really up for honing in on myself this month and for months to come. 2016 is the year of me! I hope for each of you it’s a year of you too!


PSA-Take Your Vitamins!

This is for all of my new and pre-surgery sleevers — Take Your Vitamins!

Don’t be me. The one who hasn’t taken her vitamins in 2 or 3 weeks. (I know, don’t blast me, I know)

But-I’m paying the price right now, let me tell you. This week I have felt like I did an iron man, run a marathon, And then got dragged around by a truck. I’m so freaking tired, sleeping like the dead-never long enough, and my mental faculties are just tapped (and I really need those right now!). 

I’ve been wondering what the hell, I don’t feel like I’m getting sick…and then it kind of hit me tonight. Holy crap I have not been taking my vitamins! How on earth have I been forgetting those, every day? I know how, I moved them out of my routine spot and have had a shit ton on my plate…still no excuse, but there it is. 

So don’t be me and find yourself crashed out. Take your vitamins every day – like it’s your job. 

10 Things I’ve Learned So Far

Taking a page from a friend and fellow blogger, I wanted to reflect on the top-10 things I’ve learned since having my surgery in September. 

  1. Every journey is unique. It’s so easy, and c’mon, so natural for us to compare our losses and successes to others like us-those who have had the surgery or are going though the process. Just like every single doctor that each of us have, the plans are not the same. Our bodies and medical conditions and personal battles with food are not the same. We will each go through this uniquely. 
  2. I am not a patient person. I know this about myself, so maybe this really doesn’t count as things I’ve learned. But patience is key. You cannot just wake-up one day without a food addiction.  This has been such an eye-opener. Look I didn’t expect that I would, truth is I never hyper-focused on my very real addiction until after my surgery when it really showed itself in true colors. But now I want it gone. Like, yesterday. I fight every day and will keep fighting, but I can’t wait until the fight doesn’t feel like a scene from Spartacus. 
  3. My confidence will be restored. Whether it’s all of the endorphins from working out, the healthier food, or the clothes that no longer fit, I feel good. My husband and friends have noticed a huge difference in my interactions with them and in public -I am more myself again. Light, funny and not apart. I didn’t really realize that I had effectively made myself a bit of a recluse. More somber, quiet, no longer life of the party, no spiritually enlightening conversations, or brainstorming the possibilities of life and the hilarity that comes from doing that with friends you’ve had in your life for over 12 years. So I see a little more of myself every day in the mirror.  The face, eyes and smiles that have crept back into my psychie. I am starting to like me again. 
  4. Future clothes shopping (without buying) is fun. I have an Amazon addiction. More importantly, I have ‘Wish List’ addiction. Exploring the possibilities of wearing very different colors, patterns, and rocking a new style is fun.  And all I have to do is click ‘save to wish list’. It’s like personal vision board for clothes. It’s cathartic to me.
  5. Meal planning is the only thing that works. Whether your planning you family’s menu for the week or planning you own (you should do both) it is seriously the only ritual that must be done in order to keep you on track. You might get to a point as far into the journey where you can wing it-you’ve got it down pat-I’d still recommend advanced meal planning. When you walk out of your office hungry and are faced with your favorite chips as the first thing you see, if you already have a meal prepared in the fridge or lunchbox-already you’re 10x less likely to nibble on those chips. Let’s not forget you’re ensuring adequate nutrition for the day by having a plan. 
  6. Progress moves. Whether it’s a scale loss, stall or up a couple of pounds you’re still moving forward. Measurements, exercise, good food choices, proper water intake, NSVs- you’re moving. And it’s progress. It moves all around you like water in the ocean, swirling from all different directions but ultimately pushing you to its destination – the wave making it to the glorious sand – where you’ll finally sink in your feet and raise your eyes to the brighter sky. 
  7. NSVs are 10x more potent than SVs. When you finally break through that which was impossible, or holding you back, or situations that plagued you, those are the ones that make you squeal with delight and make you feel like “Yes!”  Bet you dont quite get that from just a pound or two loss on the scale this morning. 
  8. There is no reason to mourn food. You are not depriving yourself-this isn’t a diet. It’s a way of life, a way to health. Relish the idea that one day, if you keep it up, you won’t want to choose the crap you once craved. Emotional eating may still be your battle but instead of pastries and alcohol you’ll feed it with fuel food and herbal tea. Kale will be your candy! Well, maybe not, but either way you’ll want to eat the good stuff. White bean chicken chili is my new comfort food, especially in this cold weather. 
  9. Daily meditation and self-reflection is critical. Getting right with yourself everyday is as essential to your spirit as prayer and worship of our Lord. You have to get in touch with yourself to understand where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going to keep yourself-not just focused, sure-but that you’re still you and that you love you. You must find that love, even if you don’t think you’ve ever had it before. All the more reason to do this. I have a wall heater in my bathroom, and carpet in the main area. I sit in my spot in front of that heater every night, turn on my relaxation sounds, and reflect. Very effective for learning to love myself again. 
  10. I am not alone and I CAN do it! Whether it’s support from the people around me or from those who read and comment on my blog (thank you) and inviting me into their own journeys to share and celebrate their triumphs and success, this community is everything. We can’t, nor should we, do this alone.  I know I can do it, because I am doing it, and have an awesome support system that’s got my back even when I trip. You all rock!

While I’ve learned so much more than these ten things, these are those that reflect what’s top of mind for me right now. My motivational quote for this week: 

Look in the mirror. The only competition you have is you.

This is specifically speaking to my workout goals for this week, BUT I can see the appropriateness of this  quote for our journeys as well. Either way, you win. Embrace that!

Off to my heater and meditation time! See you soon,

Amanda 😘

    4 Month Sleeve-Aversary

    So here are the stats:

    • HW: 240
    • SW: 230.8 (-9.2)
    • Month 1 (-22)
    • Month 2: (-9.6)
    • Month 3: (-9.2)
    • Month 4: (-7.6)
    • CW: 182.4 (total loss -57.6) 
    • Inches: 
    27.75 Inches…Buu-Bye!

    I am pretty happy about my progress. Surprised about my loss this month, I thought it would be a few pounds more. My other app says -9 lbs down this month, so I am thinking I’m off in the math somewhere in the early months.  But the total is still the same. Next month I won’t have to whip out the calculator since Im using the My Weight app now.  I am THRILLED with the inch loss though. Funny, I finally lost some in my waist! This big ‘ol belly does not want to budge though, does it? 

    I do know I probably had one of the worst months of all in terms of sticking to plan. With the Holidays and making it a point to see my friends more, I know I did not eat as well as I should have. That’s not to say I went nuts, obviously not, but I could have easily slid back into old habits so I’m thankful I at least kept a hold on that. And I’m ‘back on the wagon’ so to speak in terms of nutrition.

    I’ve been diligent about getting my fluids in these last few days to try and abate some of this hunger. It’s helping a little. I was over at a girlfriends house last night and she had this pitcher of water with sliced lemon, lime, and orange floating at the top. Not only was it gorgeous but it was so refreshing! Needless to say I went out and bought the fruit today and sliced it up in a water pitcher. I could drink water like that all day long! If you’re having trouble with your water intake, I highly recommend giving this a try.  

    Seems I am holding a steady pattern of about 9 pounds a month. Hoping for 12-15 this month though. I’m upping my running training and incorporating core and strength more so I don’t see that jump as unreasonable. I’ve got Vegas coming up people- it would be awesome to be in the 160’s by then. 

    So that’s my 4 month update, y’all!  😘

      Glow Race


      My daughter and I did our glow-in-the-dark 5k tonight. My best friend too, but not sure she would want her picture plastered here, lol. None of the post-race pictures came out very clear because it was dark, of course but this was us pre-race before we put on our glow-stick garb. 

      So it’s been raining like crazy here this week and it was a huge mud puddle everywhere (slowed us down a bit) but we got lucky and didn’t get rained on during the race like we were expecting. 

      Not thrilled with my time (49:39) -actually pretty surprised by it-but feeling really good after the race. Probably could have pushed myself a bit harder than I did. I was a little thrown off watching my feet the whole time because it was dark and there was mud and leaves everywhere, but I should have pushed myself to run more than I did. So next weekend’s race is a serious goal for a certain time window for me. My son will be racing with me next weekend and I’m sure he will push me to run a lot more-if he even stays with me, hahaha.  (He’ll probably leave me in the dust).  My daughter was great tonight too-she decided to do the c25k app then she stayed with me the rest of the race and really cheered me on.  

      Update on my doctor visit yesterday-And I only had to wait 10 minutes to be seen! Win! I met with the nutritionist/fitness physiologist.  He told me I’m doing everything right, that I could keep my carbs down a little more- but other than that was losing at exactly the pace/amount expected for my starting surgery weight. He said I should probably start seeing the scale start moving again in a month. A month?! He said based on my measurement losses that I’m building lean muscle mass and it’s counter-acting the fat loses from a scale point of view. That my BMI was probably going down. It was great to hear all of that from him though. So, just have to keep trucking along like I am. 😜

      Great week all in all! Crazy Sunday ahead of me! So, ‘night my wonderful WLS family!


      Weird Sunday

      So this post really doesn’t have a title, I just randomly typed one. I’ve had a pretty weird day though. I slept in until 11 today! Woke up starved but for my first meal of the day I actually can’t eat food- it’s too much for my pouch. I start my day off with a protein shake. Went down fine…

      Even though I indulged in slumber this morning, I have been booking it all day. I haven’t really given the house a good scrub down since surgery so today was the day-windows and walls and all.  I cut myself off at 5 to do dreaded school work and just finished that for the night. 

      Here’s the weird thing- I haven’t been able to eat food all day! Every time I try to eat I feel full and sick, like I ate too much. After 2 bites! I got my water down today-go me!- but would stop drinking in preparation of eating. But no go everytime I tried to  eat. 

      It’s 9 and I have a headache from hell and imagine it’s from lack of food. (No Tylenol in the house either :()  

      Anyone else ever go through this with the food? Hopefully I don’t run into this tomorrow…

      On another note hubs said he can really really tell the weight loss. I did measurements before surgery, wonder if I should do them again now, just to see…Now, does anyone know where my measuring tape went?


      Crazy week!

      Sorry I have been MIA this week – it’s been hella-nuts! Between work and kids stuff I have been going like the energizer bunny!

      So my goal was to get in a routine this week. Fail. See above hella-crazy week. It has been so crazy I haven’t even had time to think about how I’m feeling about things. 

      I was supposed to have my post-op appointment with my doctor Thursday. After 2 hours of sitting in the waiting room without being called, I told the receptionist I was out. I had a meeting to run and could not wait any longer. (Then the power went out in my whole town so I had to reschedule the damn thing anyway-was not my afternoon Thursday).  To say I’m unimpressed with my doctor’s staff and lack of respect for my time is an understatement.  The last appointment was 4.5 hours long. For what we covered, there should have been no reason for a 4.5 hour appointment. I sat in the waiting room 4 hours of that-not kidding. There’s also the huge inconsistancies with post-op instruction and care! I am writing one hell of a letter, and I may even post it on review sites. Ok, enough of my rant….

      So that being said, I must rely on my own stats for now and really not know if I’m on target or not (dammit):

      • Aug 1: HW 240
      • Sept 4: pre-op diet start 232.2 (-7.8)
      • Sept 16: SW 230 (-2.2)
      • Current weight 211.6 (-18.4)
      • Total loss (-28.4)

      I think I’m doing ok. 

      Still struggling with getting enough fluids. I’m trying to sip sip sip as much as possible, but am being more conscience of the -30/+30 no drinking with eating rule.

      I have to say being able to eat foods as tolerated since Wednesday has been such a relief. I can’t seem to eat more than 2oz at a time but that’s ok, I’m getting full and making good choices. 

      Preparing food has been therapeutic too. I’m cooking for me and it’s not just protein shakes, eggs or soup. It’s doing a lot for the psyche.  Trying to put up a page on the blog with recipes I make and like. I made a protein bar that’s yum and super nutritious.  I bought a mini-crockpot for me and plan to break it in with an oatmeal next week – found an awesome looking recipe on Pinterest I must try.  I want to use it now but kind of prepared too much food that I need to just eat on the rest of this week before I make anything else. Still adjusting to cooking for much smaller portions…

      I did manage to get on the treadmill once this week. I was beat red and dripping sweat after power walking 2.5 miles, so color me a little nervous about my 5k in the morning… I’m sure I will post about that tomorrow! 🙂

      So here’s to getting myself into a routine as of next week. It’s not supposed to be as crazy!

      See you tomorrow!

      Camping 2 weeks post-op. Hmmmm…

      So I am completely. Utterly. Exhausted. And we still have two more days to go. 

      Today we went on a 6-hour deep sea fishing trip. I fished and it was fun but toward the end I was feeling the strain on my stomach pretty good from reeling all those fish in. Not to mention I was running on water and protein shakes alone for the day. 

      We went to an all you can eat crab- leg buffet for dinner and my husband kind of made me feel bad because we had to pay for me even though I could only eat 4 oz of boiled shrimp and a little crab. But what was I supposed to do- wait in the car? And I was staaaaarving! I needed real protein. He wouldn’t have cared only the bill was $150. He’s been ill the rest of the evening since. Ah, well, I guess we all have adjustments to make on this lifestyle change, huh?

      It’s been really tough sticking with good decisions on this trip. I’m surrounded by camper food and snacks and I’m just plain hungry. At least I’m getting full when I eat now but the in-between I get pretty hungry.  Trying to drink even more to combat that but that sort of makes me nauseated. 

      There’s an early red-tide in Panama City right now which is bringing dead fish to to beaches and worst of all the sand flies that bite. We went yesterday and just couldn’t take the flies anymore after an hour. Trying again tomorrow and fingers crossed the flies are scarce. Plan is to beach bum it all day…

      My cousin wanted to go shopping after dinner tonight but I literally couldn’t hang- physically I’ve hit a wall. It’s to be expected in only two weeks out, not stressing about it, just listening to my body best I can. 

      So enjoying my time so far but definitely ready for bed this evening lol. 

      Hope you’re all doing something great for yourself this weekend! 

      Until tomorrow….xoxo



      Tonight I’m in a glorious mood!  I ate salmon! And it was amazing! And best of all, I couldn’t finish it.  Why you ask? Because I’m FULL!!! Stuffed in fact– I think I ate about 2 bites too many. I’m so happy I want to jump up and down.  But I’m too FULL! Seriously, it’s been over 2 weeks since I felt satisfied by a meal, I literally almost teared up!  Other than the salmon I’ve been sticking with liquids. Trying to reset from my bad behavior over the weekend. 

      I did call my surgeon about the stomach acid reducer yesterday. They didn’t call me back yesterday so I left another message. Called me back today and said they would send the Rx over today- but guess what? No script at the pharmacy. (I’m so unimpressed with my surgeons office personnel, it isn’t even funny). So guess who I will be calling back again in the morning? Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

      Trying not to obsess with the scale but I haven’t dropped a pound in 4 days. That’s ok the nurse told me typical loss is 12-15 lbs per month. Since I’m already at 15 I’m not going to stress. We’re headed to the beach for a long weekend in the camper Thursday and I’ll be away from the scale – which is a blessing. Maybe when I get back I’ll have nice surprise ☺️.  

      So hopefully the blues and the stress are behind me for now. It’s still a long journey- I don’t expect Lilies and roses the whole time, but at least I have some peace of mind right now.  

      What more could a girl ask for? 

      Check in soon – from the gulf coast shoreline!