Great Start

This is just a quickie post tonight.  More a status update…

I am pretty certain my ankle is all healed up now, I’ve run a few times this week and not had any problems at all.  Super excited about that! I had a GREAT run today-I would have to say it might have been my best one yet. I am still interval training but my run pace is getting stronger and faster. I’ve been reading a number of articles about beginner running lately. So I will be striving for 10-12 miles a week and staying put with that until I can run all of it, then start gradually adding more distance. The goal now is to run a full 5k by summer. I think my original plan for March has gotten too far off track since the sprain to be realistic now.

I did a full menu plan with recipes for the family this week. I wasn’t quite as successful with my own planning, other than writing down a few meal ideas.  But no “I will eat this for lunch on Monday…etc.”. Main reason for this lack of personal planning for myself? We had a cow emergency that took up my whole evening. All is well there but that left my meal planning for tomorrow’s to-do list. 

I’m loving my passion planner. I haven’t actually received the planner yet-I’ve been using print-outs in the mean time- but it’s been a great tool and has really helped pinpoint my goals, weekly and daily objectives, and of course, to-do lists. 

One little thing I’ve gotten myself into -that’s pretty superficial but FUN- is makeup techniques.  I am pretty good with makeup now but  I’m just trying different things I’ve been gobbling up from Pinterest and You Tube. And I am absolutely obsessed with rocking red lipstick this year (have to find the right shade).  And while I don’t wear makeup when I workout, I’ve decided I will wear lipstick.  Random, I know but hey it’s like a good song that pumps you up.  Whatever-makeup is just something that can make you feel pretty, I guess. I don’t wear it often now that I work from home, but when I do I want to own it. Again, just fun stuff but sharing anyways. 

So in all, 2016 is off to a great (and fun) start! 

It’s back to work in the morning so it’s time for bed! Have a great Monday y’all!