So I’m back at Crossfit. Have been for about a month. I go 4x-5x week and I have personal programming this time-no group Wod for me unless I’m doing a partner wod with my husband on Saturdays. 

So why did I join back up to do something I have admittedly hated doing in the past? Well, a few reasons. One, it works. Two, and probably the biggest reason: my husband and I, after almost 17 years of marriage, have never shared a hobby.  And while this isn’t a “hobby” really, it’s a thing. A thing we’re both doing-maybe not together everyday but sometimes, we’re both doing it and have something to share and talk about and progress with together.  That’s a big deal to both of us. Three, I need discipline. Running alone had waned off for me and I just wasn’t doing any kind of exercise for a few months. Nobody was pushing me to do it either. And here I’m watching my husband kick his ass at CrossFit every day -while I’m over here gaining 10lbs for the holidays- and I’m like, I have to do something! And quick!

Sooooo, speaking of that 10lbs…. I’ve been avoiding the scale for months-which is crazy because I was so obsessed with it for a year-and just seeing that number on the inbody today was like reality check! Crap crap crap! 10lbs… I could kick my own ass for this… 

The inbody showed my BMI was at 29% though, which considering I was at 49% a little over a year ago is still something to be celebrated. I’m at 38% body fat so definitely want to get that number down. 

I need to lose another 35lbs. Which was right in line with goal weight to begin with. So right after Christmas (I must have some of moms potato soup on Christmas Day) I am back on post-op diet. No more carbs. Lots less sugars. Lot more water. Protein protein protein!

Speaking of protein, have you tried Juice Plus shakes? So so good! Mix in some Greek yogurt (which I loathe otherwise) and it’s a protein-packed meal right there. 

Updates a comin’ as I jump back on the wagon! Missed y’all!



Where Have I Been?

In short that’s what I’d like to know too. In case you’re wondering the why of my awal, let’s just say that I am still….drumroll…dead stuck at 170lbs. Since March. And my one year is just around the corner with 25 lbs left to go.  

After 4 months I got in the dumps and took a nose dive in tracking in MFP, started eating without conscience thought, and haven’t run a mile in 2 months or kickboxed. 

Motivation is sorely needed. That’s all I’ve got for you right now. I haven’t posted because the above shows that I’ve been an epic failure all around since June. Planning to plan is not enough. 

Time to rip the duct-tape off, eh?

Boxing Kicked

The mental battle to get me to the building was real. Thank God I left early because I found myself at two stores first, subconsciously avoiding the clock because hey there’s the “aw man, I am late so I can’t go” self sabotage manipulation shit I do to myself (seriously people, that’s where I’ve been for two months). 

I pulled into the parking lot at the Kickboxing gym about 20 mins early. I sat in the car willing myself to get out. I checked in on Facebook to hold myself even more accountable. If I told my friends I’m here then I better get my ass in there and do it. 

It’s amazing how a two-month hiatus from exercise will set you back. 

I.  Think. I. Died.  

So… I’m going back tomorrow!! 

But I am going to be a little smart about it and go to a yin yoga class in the morning first so I’m a little stretched out from tonight and more nimble for the evening kickboxing class… 

I wouldn’t say I’m back yet, but I definitely took the first step tonight- even if I did it fighting myself the whole way.

Bu-Bye Crossfit

So I did Crossfit for about a year and a half before I had surgery. I absolutely despised it the entire time. Quite honestly I think the only reason I did it at all was because it was something my husband and I did together. 

We’re talking anxiety attacks and yes, sobbing, on the way to the box almost every time. Many times I cried during Crossfit too. I thought it had to be my weight and because I was trying to sling around 240 lbs that’s why it made me so miserable. 

So I thought/hoped that maybe now it might not be bad-that because I’ve lost all of this weight it wouldn’t just totally suck anymore. Plus it was still something my husband and I could do together. He doesn’t run at all so it’s not like that was an option. So I (thank God) IM’d the Crossfit coach and was straight with him. Said I was anxious about coming back and signing a contract, only to realize I still f’g hated it. So he told me I could just do a punch card first and then at the end of the month see what’s up. Ok, I can handle that…

So I went April 1st. Dreaded it the whole day. Hated everything about it while I was doing it and my outlook was grim after I was finished. Crap. 

I need to add something more to my exercise than just running and yoga-but I’m really not disciplined to do strength trianing from an app or Pinterest–what in the world was I going to do?

One golden nugget fell into my lap as we waited for the Crossfit class to begin that night. One of the ladies was talking about how she had done this and that and everything was just too Boring for her. Then I heard her mention ‘the kickboxing gym in (my town)’. I think I knocked someone over as I reeled around with great interest in finding out more about this kickboxing gym. Here? We have a real kickboxing gym close by? Apparently we do. And I was vera, vera excited about that!! I did real kickboxing in late Highschool and loved it. Then we moved to GA after I graduated and I have just never found one that was the real deal anywhere near me so didn’t get back into it. So of course the next opportunity I got I stopped into said gym. They do kickboxing, muiy tai (sp?) kickboxing, boxing and Crossfit. You’re not limited to days you can go or which activity – you can do CF then walk right over and do the kickboxing class then stay for open gym, 6 days a week! And it’s only $20 more a month! 

I took my first class to make sure they were the real deal – no gi and lots of sweat. I swiped my card right after class was over. And every time I go I am so excited and pumped to get there and do it. This is what I needed- this is not only motivation, but a hella workout and the best one-on-one personal trianing I’ve ever seen. I am in love! So running-check. Yoga-check. Now kickboxing-check! So freaking excited! I’m bruised and blistered and starting to get a little calloused, and I’m sore like I should be using all of these muscles in new ways so I know the results are sure to come. 

Moral of the story – find the workouts that get you jazzed. Don’t fit yourself into a box that you think you should be in to get a workout in. 

On the running front, I am making HUGE progress. 6 months ago I was running a 16:30 average mile. Now I’m doing under 13! I’m almost there to goal – May 21 is the Big Day–the 1st goal race. Running the entire race without stopping to walk at all. I’m close. So close. Getting better every time. Still not getting over 10 miles a week like I want to but I’m getting 8-9 miles… Not too far off. I don’t get nervous before a run anymore. I’m not interval trianing anymore either. Just the MMR app that tells me pace and distance as I go and then logs it in my history. 

Yoga in the mornings, running in the afternoon (as many days as work allows) and kickboxing in the evening (as many days as kid’s sports allow). Here I come healthy!! 

My 7 month sleevaversary is Saturday. Husband has a Warrior Dash obstacle race the afternoon and then I have a 5k that night so I think Sunday we’ll do measurements. Let’s see where I’m at…  


Great Start

This is just a quickie post tonight.  More a status update…

I am pretty certain my ankle is all healed up now, I’ve run a few times this week and not had any problems at all.  Super excited about that! I had a GREAT run today-I would have to say it might have been my best one yet. I am still interval training but my run pace is getting stronger and faster. I’ve been reading a number of articles about beginner running lately. So I will be striving for 10-12 miles a week and staying put with that until I can run all of it, then start gradually adding more distance. The goal now is to run a full 5k by summer. I think my original plan for March has gotten too far off track since the sprain to be realistic now.

I did a full menu plan with recipes for the family this week. I wasn’t quite as successful with my own planning, other than writing down a few meal ideas.  But no “I will eat this for lunch on Monday…etc.”. Main reason for this lack of personal planning for myself? We had a cow emergency that took up my whole evening. All is well there but that left my meal planning for tomorrow’s to-do list. 

I’m loving my passion planner. I haven’t actually received the planner yet-I’ve been using print-outs in the mean time- but it’s been a great tool and has really helped pinpoint my goals, weekly and daily objectives, and of course, to-do lists. 

One little thing I’ve gotten myself into -that’s pretty superficial but FUN- is makeup techniques.  I am pretty good with makeup now but  I’m just trying different things I’ve been gobbling up from Pinterest and You Tube. And I am absolutely obsessed with rocking red lipstick this year (have to find the right shade).  And while I don’t wear makeup when I workout, I’ve decided I will wear lipstick.  Random, I know but hey it’s like a good song that pumps you up.  Whatever-makeup is just something that can make you feel pretty, I guess. I don’t wear it often now that I work from home, but when I do I want to own it. Again, just fun stuff but sharing anyways. 

So in all, 2016 is off to a great (and fun) start! 

It’s back to work in the morning so it’s time for bed! Have a great Monday y’all!

Miss me?

Helloooooo blogosphere! I have been keeping up with each of you, but have been lax in posting myself! Honestly I have been just racked these last weeks-SO ridiculously busy!  And I really haven’t had any stellar ideas about what I wanted to talk about…

So here are the stats to date:

Accuracy, Race, & Reflection

First, I have a correction to make. It seems that my husband and I took my measurements wrong the first time we did them (after the personal trainer did them the day before surgery).  So we did them again yesterday, correctly, and here are my actual inch changes since surgery:


Again, this is the My Body app on iPhone. So easy-love it. Anyway…

Lots to talk about today. Did my 5k under the Christmas Lights last night and really killed it. I was SO proud of myself after this race! It took my son and I over 7 minutes to get past the WALL of people walking and the strollers.  Why we decided to start in the last corral…well, it was a big mistake. I don’t know if I ever want to do a race that big again-over 1500 racers. But once we broke through, it wasn’t too bad passing people throughout the race. The last mile was almost completely up-hill. My son made me long-stride run that dang last mile though, let me tell you. And I DID (most of it)!!!  With all of that nonsense in the beginning our time was still 46:41. I think that could have honestly been 43-something  had it not been for the wall of slog.  See, a lot of people just walk this race to see the Christmas Lights-which is why those smart people start in the last corral and why we shouldn’t have. It was a really pretty race to run though, I’ll have to admit. The Lights really were amazing and put me in the Holiday spirit. And I beat my time by almost 4 minutes from last weekend, so go me! 

Son has Poison Oak so bad, thats why his face/eye looks crazy

So my crazy self decided it would be fun to run another 5k at the park with my very good girlfriend who is training for a half ironman in June.  Boy runningef today was hard and I think I power walked more than I jogged, but I still got 47:17, so still better than last weekend. (I clearly didn’t push myself at all last weekend…). 

I’m so sore I can barely move this evening. It’s a good sore though-I know I really worked it this last week and weekend.

I broke into one-derland today!!! Woo-hoo! 199.2 baby! Excited to what the morning scale will say…so glad to finally be here I cannot describe. 

Looking forward to a great week!

Coffee Break

Ok, so anyone who knows me knows I am a coffee junkie. I used to be a pot a day girl-yes I know, boo. But over the last 2 years I had gotten myself down to two, satisfying cups a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon after I ate lunch.

Soooooo, post surgery and I hate the stuff. I’ve really tried-just one little cup?-but I just hate the taste now. Believe it or not, this was pretty depressing for me. There is just something about a hot mug of coffee first thing in the morning and I actually felt like something was just missing replacing it with a protein shake.

So yesterday I discovered black tea pods for the Kuereg on clearance at the grocery store. I thought, hey what the hell I’ll try it. COLOR ME ONE HAPPY GIRL!! I am thrilled. I love them and I can once again warm my soul with a hot beverage in the mornings!!!

Now I know I know, diuretic and all of that. But this is something that is more than routine for me, it’s soothing for me mentally for whatever reason and I’m really happy I don’t have to give that up too.  Now wine, on the other hand… I’ve given that up under doctor orders, but dont think I don’t miss the hell out of my nightly glass!

I made a chicken dish in my mini-crockpot last night that was to die for.  It felt so good to be cooking again too. I’m struggling with what to eat everyday, so I will be planning my weekly menu come Sunday’s from now on, inspired by Amanda Turner.

On a fitness update- I’ve managed to get 2 days on the treadmill this week, not counting this Sunday coming when I plan to hit the outdoors for my workout. Next week I’m shooting for 4 days and back to C25k training. I have two 5Ks in November I’m hoping to run part of. I’ve joined Amanda’s October Fitness Frenzy to get motivated again.  Really enjoying the community!

Gotta get control of my schedule and food or I’m going to get very down, very soon.

On the weight loss I’m at 5 weeks post-op (-24 lbs). Not mad at that number at all. I’ve stalled out these past few days, we’ll see. I would be thrilled to see the 200 marker by Nov 1!

Now, back to work! Xoxo

5K Saturday

So my good friend and I did a 5k this morning. She’s a runner but wore a weighted vest and power walked with me the whole race. Longest I’ve power walked since before surgery. I did not run an iota of this race but was not unhappy with our time at all which was 55 minutes.  I did this same course 2 years ago and jog/walked it at 46 minutes- so really not too far off. So yeah there’s a NSV!

Gotta tell you about a WLS cookbook I bought off amazon this week. It’s awesome! All of the recipes are WLS sized and have nutrient stats! It’s Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook for Dummies.  I was a little hesitant about a for Dummies book but read so many reviews on lots of WLS cookbooks and this one had by far the best ones. Just flipping through it this evening there’s several recipes I’ll be trying out soon! I definitely recommend it for your cookbook library.  

I made the ricotta bake for lunch today. I loved it- my pouch did NOT.    First meal where I have actually felt sick after eating it. And I only ate 2oz.  My son will be happy he will be getting those leftovers. 

Go up to the north Georgia mountains tomorrow for the apple festival with my folks and kiddos.  I love this time of year when everything starts changing to red and gold and everything in between. It’s just gorgeous!  I don’t happen to have a lot of spare cash right now to really enjoy it like normal, which I’m bummed about for the kids. I’m sure they’ll want lots of stuff – the local Apple eats-and I just have to limit and say no a lot. But I hope they still have fun anyway hanging with me. (Of course they will, I’m mom) lol. 

I’ve had a few NSVs today.

  • Some shorts I usually wear around the house were comfortable but skin tight. I put them on today for pjs and they are baggy! 
  • The XL t-shirt I got from the race is very baggy on me too – I could have gotten away with a large I think. 
  • My small Fitbit HR notch went down too- I can now latch the 3rd wrung. 
  • One of my closest friends text me and said she could really see my weight loss so far in my face from the picture above. 
  • My husband told me I looked extra hot tonight as we got ready to go out for the evening. (Although it’s been a week since I put make up on and did my hair up, lol)

Not too shabby!

I’ll post a pic from the mountains tomorrow.

Wore out and hitting the sheets. Night my favorite peeps! Do something nice for yourself tomorrow-you deserve it!


Must get back on track

I spent the weekend in NC celebrating my cousins birthday with the kiddos. NC is one of my very favorite places to be – seriously, I usually just stand there for the first 5 minutes I arrive, breathing in the glorious mountain air.

So “celebration” included an all-you-can eat buffet of Chinese food, white water rafting, and more oh-so-good-for-you eats at the Dairy Queen (because we were too tired to even think of cooking).  And because we all seemed to have gobs of homework to do today, we got on the road home early and included a drive-thru run at McD’s. 

I’m pretty sure I consumed more calories in this single weekend than I have in one week for quite some time. I feel as physically horrible as you would expect, too.  While 4 hours rafting was great exercise, I am totally off of my training grid since Thursday and neeeeeed to get back on track. 

As if I needed an excuse, pictures of me from the weekend were horrifying. Oh, here’s one of my fav’s:


I am back on track with my food and work outs as of the morning, serious.  I can’t seem to not go from one extreme from the other, can I?  But better to be on the other side than I have been on this past week, that’s for sure.  No more food-funerals and back to kicking my butt in the gym.

I’m hoping all of my blogger pals had a terrific weekend and are feeling great!  Let’s have a kick-ass week!

PS-And here’s to hoping I hear from the surgery center tomorrow 🙂