On the way up

I went to see my VSG doctor last month about my gallbladder. They took my weight when I got there, on one of those little scales that you hold with your hands and stand on with bare feet and it tells you your BMI and everything. 

Sooooo… before we even began speaking about my gallbladder issues the first 20 minutes was spent with my doctor explaining to me that I was still “fat”. My weight was an ok number (I’m holding steady at the horrid 174) but my BMI was just too high at 37%. Yes, that number was pretty shocking to me to be honest. We’ve been moving into our new house and settling in and I haven’t worked out in about 3 months now, but seriously? I had been steadily working out 4x a week until February when the world flipped upside down and I fell off the fitness wagon…. but still-how in the hell could I still be at 37%?!!

I’m about 3 weeks outside of gallbladder surgery and I’m antsy to get back into working out, although I do tire easy when I take long walks still. I have to get back to running at the very immediate. I may very well have to go back on my post diet regimen as well. My size medium clothes are starting to get tight and I’m getting the spare tire middle.  This isn’t good. I’m definitely scared I’m beginning to make my way up on the scale very soon. 

Gut check. For reals…