Bad, bad me!

For shame on me!  I have eaten so awful today! I’ve been so incredibly stressed and overwhelmed at work- I love my job but training is a year long for a reason! Anyway I broke down and cried twice today. 

Uh, yeah…um, back to the food part. Well I kicked off the day bea-u-tifuly – I finally got through my whole circuit of C25k training early this morning. I pushed hard and got through it, even though it was my second attempt. I did it and was seriously doing the happy dance (after I could breathe again of course). That’s where my success for the day (on all accounts, but we’ll stick to the food) ended. 

First of all I let myself get starved because of my very busy schedule today. Half protein shake, run, water, half hour later, rest of protein shake.  Then nada for like 5 hours.  I had to run an errand today and was absolutely ready to eat a horse by the time I was finished.   And like a beacon –I see the Golden Arches. And who the hell’s idea was it to serve breakfast all day anyway?  Yes. I ate half a bacon egg and cheese biscuit. 

I’m not done. 

So that was the last time I ate and it was like 2 o’clock. Fast forward to 8 o’clock and I’ve been so busy I haven’t eaten or drank a bite. I don’t think my ass left my office chair at all…There was no way I was cooking for the family tonight-no way I could– I had school work still yet to do after I finally called work quits at 7. So I ordered pizza for them. For them. 

Annnnnd…I come out of my office to sign for the pizza and can NOT stop myself-I ate a tiny piece of pepperoni and bacon pizza. I was so freaking hungry and will power after all the crying and stress of today…yeah…it was a goners. 

Ok. So dust off the weakness, strive not to do it again, and start over tomorrow. It’s all I can do.