Tuesday’s Musings

Happy Tuesday!

So I finally broke down today after a talk I had with a friend and made an appointment with my doctor’s office for Friday.  I had already taken the day off so I was glad to get in.  I asked to only see the nutritionist this time, so maybe they will actually see me in less than a 30 minute wait.  I refuse to be there more than two hours waiting to be called again!  If that happens I can assure you I’m hunting a new doctor that is more respectful of my time.  Will update on that.

I’ve been logging everything that goes into my mouth via MFP and maintaining my nutrient ratios and calorie intake.  Some days I’m a little over on carbs, but not by too much.  It mostly stems from fruit or my indulgence of cream of wheat some days.  Hey it’s packed with iron!  I seem to be right around 80g average a day on the protein.

Once again I’m stalled.  Which is having its effects on my motivation.  Annnnd I’ll just leave that topic there, because there’s no point in whining about my frustrations with this 2+ week stall – again.

I’m spending a good deal of time reflecting on the things that I am thankful for this month.  I know a lot of people like to take the month of November and do this.  I think it’s a good thing, and I started a couple of years ago.

Geez, I think about where I was a little over a year ago and am just blown away that I’m in the place that I am today.  My marriage has flipped upside-down (in the best way),  I finally took the leap and started a new career that I specifically wanted and managed to land, I’m almost done with my Master’s degree, I took this great big step for my health with VSG, and my relationship with God continues to grow every day.  It’s AMAZING how things can look so bleak one day and then be golden the very next.  Well, maybe not the next day, but all of the dramatic changes in my life are still so fresh and mind-blowing.

So, I’m just going to revel in my happiness and thankfulness this month and try not to worry about the scale.

More to come soon…




I went through the looooong, I mean long pre-op process today. What’s crazy is after all that, they can’t tell me my surgery time for Wednesday until Tuesday! Frustrating.  Thankfully I was a smart lady who packed a lunch sack full of protein shakes to keep me fed all day at the dr’s office. Go me! I offered one to a lady who was on her 2-week plan too, but she didn’t take me up on it. Wish she had-she was miserable hungry.

I made a bunch of new sleeve friends in the waiting room! We all exchanged contacts and will hopefully keep in touch.

So….I totally had a full-on, holy-shit-what-did-I-do, anxiety attack about the money on my way home from pre-op. Like, it was the ugly cry kind, people.   It’s not as though I’m poor and can’t afford the payments, but A-my mountain of student loan payments are coming up next August and B-the hubby and I were looking to buy a house and land in 2 years. The debt ratio is now a little staggering…. I’m just praying that I can really make a huge dent or pay off this loan before August- that’s the plan anyway. Lord above willing!  By August I will have “debt cows” that are literally that. The calves from those heffers will be sold and applied to my student loan principal every year to help pay that sucker off quicker.  Moooove over debt!

I digress…. Just had to get that off my chest – thanks for my moment.

I’ve been having white meat and fish for weeks now. I’m totally craving (lean) red meat tonight, especially after protein shakes only all day. Doctor pretty much laid it down for me that bread should not be in my forever future after surgery. Thinking I should have had a little food funeral at Alpine Bakery after all. Kidding! That’s seriously ok by me. I don’t even want it right now. I truly believe you could put a glazed donut (my weakness) in front of me right now and I would likely be like, “nah thanks”.  Point is, I think I’m mentally ready.  

So, c’mon Wednesday! Woo hoo!!!!

PS- my “predicted weight” from the doctor is 147.5. 🙂

It’s D-Day

As in “D”octor visit. Went in for my preliminary clearance testing for surgery today. With the exception of one minor clearance, I’m pending scheduling. Not what I had hoped – I feel like I’ve been preparing for this for so long and now I’m ready, so let’s get on with it then. Patience is not a strength of mine…

Note to self – write down all of my questions for next time. I forgot half of what I had wanted to ask them today.

In true A-type personality, I’ve already read every manual they’ve given to me, cover to cover. The two things that make me cringe is the “no caffeine” – I love my coffee – and worse yet, “no alcohol for 6 months.” I’m no lush, but that one is not going to be easy in my social circle. But if that’s what the doctor ordered, then I will have to adjust.

One area I will not be abiding on is the return to work order of 7-14 days. I work from home in chair at a desk all day. I think I will be just fine after 3 days and a weekend to recover enough to be back in my office chair, running clients. Seriously, I’ll be fine. Oh, and grad school… won’t be able to take a break in the middle of a class so I will be in bed on the laptop, for sure.

I might be able to get one good book in though. Or better yet, binge-watch season 1 of Outlander…