I’m Ace and this is my journey to SKINNY!  I felt the pause you just had when you read that word…we just had a moment, didn’t we?  It’s funny how people have a negative reaction to the word “skinny”!  And hey, I love that because in this society of physical beauty being defined by scales, I consider the disdain progress.

But yes I actually do mean ‘slim’, of course – but I also mean much more than weight loss, fitness, and clean eating.  To be totally transparent, this IS going to be a lifestyle [change] blog.  I am shedding the excess….everything… and that will include many parts and pieces that have just become baggage and are taking up physical and emotional space in and around my person. Whether that’s in my arteries or in my hall closet – I’m going on a cleanse folks!

I will write about my goals, accomplishments, and natural remedies that I am becoming extremely interested in.  I will talk about where I am finding information about these remedies and if any of them are working for me.  Also I will write about my slow re-entry back into exercise and my progress as I go along.  Yoga and walking-to-run will be my physical focus this year.

Thanks for hanging out!

I am not a doctor, a clinician, an herbalist, or certified in weight training or any physical fitness for coaching in any way. Please always to be sure to consult your appropriate doctor or professional for supervised guidance.


**This is a total revamp of an old blog of mine, so please bear with me as I lay the groundwork for the next few weeks.

6 thoughts on “About

      1. I’m 5’7″ but also want to lose about 100 pounds. What made you decide to have surgery? I’m really hoping I can do it through diet and exercise, but some days just feel impossible 😦

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      2. Because I have been busting my butt with diet and exercise for over a year now but the weight isn’t moving and neither is my overall health. I have a problem with food, especially when I don’t see the scale move after dieting for weeks-then I go on a food binge. It’s awful. I think sleeve surgery will (hopefully) be the nail in the coffin of this weight. I have a little over 100# to lose.


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