7 Month Sleevaversary 

The results are in and it’s clear I’ve reached a stall of epic proportions. I’m not even going to try and sugar coat it – I am scared. 

So the last three months have seen very slow progress in terms of the scale- but the inches were totally coming off. 

This month? Neither are shaking out.  At all. Have I reached my bottom? But I still have 25 lbs to go! This can’t be happening yet!!

-2.6 lbs this month-that’s it! And I’ve only lost .75 inches, but somehow put 2 inches back on my waist! Now, I am wondering if my torso is just shaking itself out because I now only have just the slightest hint of back-fat, whereas last month I still had a roll to go. So maybe it’s just moving down…??

Truth be told, I know I have to get myself back into gear when it comes to protein/water/calorie intake–I’m just not getting enough of either every day and I know this. I must cut carbs back too. I’ve put my exercise into high gear but my diet has some work to do, for sure. 

I have got to get it together totally and all around if I am to meet my goal. Let’s see if I can break this stall before my next month weigh-in…


3 thoughts on “7 Month Sleevaversary 

  1. Do not stress! I have been rocking and rolling along at a pretty good rate until last month. I think I lost 3 pounds, maybe. But I stayed true to course. I’m back at it this month. It slows down drastically as you approach goal. I have 10 pounds left and it’s creeping off.
    I will say… Getting comfortable will screw you up! You have to stay diligent about avoiding those carbs and trigger foods. My mom “got back on the Diet Coke” last month and she has been about looney with the sugar cravings. Gained 7 pounds. I told her to “get off that horse!” LOL! I hear the church lady from SNL screeching SATAN! Anyway… Go back to logging your foods. Maybe you’re eating a little more than you think. Hang tight! It will happen!!!


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