7 Month Sleevaversary 

The results are in and it’s clear I’ve reached a stall of epic proportions. I’m not even going to try and sugar coat it – I am scared. 

So the last three months have seen very slow progress in terms of the scale- but the inches were totally coming off. 

This month? Neither are shaking out.  At all. Have I reached my bottom? But I still have 25 lbs to go! This can’t be happening yet!!

-2.6 lbs this month-that’s it! And I’ve only lost .75 inches, but somehow put 2 inches back on my waist! Now, I am wondering if my torso is just shaking itself out because I now only have just the slightest hint of back-fat, whereas last month I still had a roll to go. So maybe it’s just moving down…??

Truth be told, I know I have to get myself back into gear when it comes to protein/water/calorie intake–I’m just not getting enough of either every day and I know this. I must cut carbs back too. I’ve put my exercise into high gear but my diet has some work to do, for sure. 

I have got to get it together totally and all around if I am to meet my goal. Let’s see if I can break this stall before my next month weigh-in…