Best Time Yet

So I just wanted to share a quickie tonight about my race this Saturday. I was thrilled with the fact that I made my best time yet! I still have a ways to go, but finishing the race in 38:23 is a HUGE leap from the 47+ minutes I was doing 6 months ago.  That’s serious progress to see, and was really what I needed this weekend. Because sometimes we look at our progress in too small of increments. When we take a look backwards, to see how far we’ve actually come, it can be such an awesome feeling of accomplishment!  So if you’re struggling with progress by the millimeters right now, take a look back at how far you’ve come since the start. And then give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back!


11 thoughts on “Best Time Yet

  1. Good for you!! I’m a certified fitness professional and an avid distance runner. I was also diagnosed with cancer in September of 2015 and have had abdominal surgery. I know how you felt recovering from your surgery. It’s not a fun time.

    I applaud your exercise habits. I’m a blogger here myself and I have a facebook page where I give daily inspirational (hopefully) advice on how to keep on track. You can find me at If it’s something you like the look of, give the page a “like”. I’ll be following your blog to see how you do. I’ve got a good feeling you’ll be improving that time!


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    1. I have to say I enjoy the eaves very much and they keep me motivated. I’m actually quite disappointed my next one isn’t until 4/16 because there are just nine remotely close to me until then. 😞. I ordered the tutu from Amazon for $9-and it’s pretty great. I will definitely be wearing it again! Tell me if you do a race-even if you just walk it it’s great fun!

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