Oh no-my hair!

I know this is a common side effect, but I never thought I would have a problem with this. I have SOOOO much hair, I mean it’s massive. I’ve been noticing a ton of hair coming out in the shower and my brush is full everytime I brush it out for over a month. Still…didn’t get panicked.  

I have spent 7 years growing out my hair. 7 freaking years. I have so much hair that growing it down as far as length takes for-ev-er and a decade. My husband mentioned tonight that my hair is starting to look droopy and is so much thinner than ever. And it might mean, as much as he loathes the thought, I might need to cut it. From his mouth– which means it is way more serious than I ever thought would be possible for me. 

I know I’m losing a lot of hair, but had no realization that I was losing that much!! This is horrible! I am now self-conscience about it. I’m freaking out and trying not to melt down, to be 100% honest. I’m about to OD on Biotin… (Kidding of course) but it’s now going to be an absolute staple in my life. 

I now have a massive complex! And I’m leaving for Vegas in one day, meeting all of my colleagues for the first time in person in four days.  

Besides biotin and daily vitamins, any other advice that might help?


7 thoughts on “Oh no-my hair!

      1. Just think, once you cut it, it’ll look healthier and maybe even grow back quicker! Besides, it gives you a reason to have a day of pampering!!


  1. You are4 not alone in this, I have witnessed several other of the WLS bloggers talk of it. I have been lucky not to lose any but I have very short hair so I wonder if that helps unless of course its physiology differences between male and female?
    I am sure there must be a simple thing missing from your diet that is causing it? I take a Calcium supplement, Vitamin B Complex, get a B12 shot every three months and take a multi vitamin. Not sure if any of that helps…
    Maybe see a dietician?
    More important than hair though is the vast sums of money you will be winning in Vegas…. πŸ˜‰ Good Luck!!

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  2. Intalk d to my hairstylist. She says biotin will speed the growth of your hair that would come back normally. But taking mass quantities won’t really help. What happens is that portions of your hair go dormant. This happens in cycles. So it isn’t that your losing random hair… It happens in the pattern (of which hairs are dormant and which ones aren’t). So for me… The front of my hair thinned out A LOT. I how have lots of regrowth… About an inch or so long poking up through my hair. Now the back is thinning out A LOT. So you have to let it cycle through. It’s going to happen. I’d just cut it. Mine is just past my shoulders now. It had to be done or look pitiful for months and months. I opted for a cute do while I wait.
    It will be fine.


  3. My hair was always the one thing I knew looked great – my pride and joy even when heavy. My hair loss cycled for about 8 months total and although nobody noticed the missing hair, it wore me down seeing that much hair falling out. I decided to cut it – beat decision I ever made. OMG – I love my short hair. It is sassy and classy and I still get lots of compliments. I realized my longer hair really weighed down my face and I needed something lighter and more like my personality. I know it is scary, but seriously it will make YOU feel better and less self-conscious about how it looks.


  4. This is one of my biggest fears…be it stupid or not! I don’t have any advice since I’m still pre-surg, but wanted to offer some hugs! I know how I feel just thinking about it, so to have it happen must be awful 😦


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