Not Hiding

So I come to you all a little vulnerable tonight. Whatever my reasons, which are in no way shape or form good ones, my eating habits lately have fallen off a cliff. 

As I write I am curled into a ball on the floor of my sanctuary, writhing in pain from what must be over-indulgence today. I have received the clear message from my pouch that it is NOT happy and that I did it to her.  So I have spent some time really thinking about what I’ve eaten today and then taken a backwards looks at the last few weeks. In all honestly I would have to guess that 20% of the time I ate like I should; 80% not the best choices have been made.  I need to take back control, yesterday. 

Ive been reading bariatric forums on doing a “reset” on your pouch. One is 5 days and one is 10 days. Both resemble my post-op plan just reduced down to days rather than weeks. I think I’m going to do this starting right in the morning. Clear, full, mushy, bland solids shredded. Then back to the correct SOP. I really feel that this will reset my pouch and detox me of all of the sugars and carbs. I am pretty sure I’m going to do the 10. Better now than do more damage to my precious pouch. 

So send little prayers my way to keep me strong as I know the next 10 days will test me to the fullest. But it must be done.  

Anyone else had to do something similar to keep yourself on track or just make sure your pouch doesn’t get stretched? How’d it go?

14 thoughts on “Not Hiding

  1. It’s tough! I am pretty mindful to not eat over 1/2 a cup of anything in one meal. This has served me pretty well so far and was on the advice of my dietitian. I tell myself if I’m still hungry then I can go back in an hour or so and have more, but I still haven’t. It’s such a mind trip a lot of this isn’t it?
    Don’t be too tough on yourself, you’re trying to retrain yourself after years/decades of bad habits. Good on your for realising you needed to get back on track x

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    1. That’s a really good plan, 1/2 cup a meal. Yes this whole thing has been more mentally challenging than I would have ever guessed. We’ll see how much I battle the next 10 days, eh? Thank you for the support! 😘


  2. I’ve read that a pouch reset isn’t really necessary… You just have to go back to the basics… Protein first then follow with good veggie choices. No drinking before, during, after meals. No bread or highly processed food. If you follow the rules, you will get full on good stuff and there’s no room for junk. You can do it!😊

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      1. I agree. My stress and emotional state has contributed very much to my eating. It’s been a long time but I’ve been in manic for 2 weeks now…so very hard and it’s not something I can control, I just have to ride it out πŸ˜’

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