Thirsty Thursday


There’s a whole pool of water!! gimme gimmie!!

Have you ever been SO thirsty that you just could not drink enough water to quench it no matter how much you drank?

Let me tell you what that kind of day means to a sleeved person. Because I had that kind of day today. 

Sip, sip, sip.  But you can only sip, sip, sip up to 4-6ozs.  After that it has no where to go – but to come back up apparently. 

I tied swish, swish, swich to see if that helped my thirsty self. Didn’t help. So, in an effort not to dehydrate myself any further by throwing up more than I was taking in, I really just kind of had to be miserable all day and drink in hour increments. Even then I wasnt filling the tank too much. Needless to say I didn’t eat much today.  I needed water more than food today, I promise. 
What’s my body trying to tell me? I have been good getting my fluids in over the last couple of week, like-really good-so I don’t see how I could just be dehydrated? This usually happens in the early phases of post-op, but I’m over 4 months in. Does anyone me have some notion?  Google just tells me I have cancer and bariatric web boards just seem to be early post ops having a hard time getting fluids in. 

Man I hope I’m not this overwhelmingly thirsty tomorrow! I’ll try Popsicles and sonic Ice chips to help if so. 

5 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday

      1. I really have no idea, it’s crazy! We don’t even have a fire going in the wood burning stove or anything that could be drying me out… If this keeps up I may go get some bloodwork done. It’s a little TOO unbearable. Like, I am thirsty as hell constant…


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