4 Month Sleeve-Aversary

So here are the stats:

  • HW: 240
  • SW: 230.8 (-9.2)
  • Month 1 (-22)
  • Month 2: (-9.6)
  • Month 3: (-9.2)
  • Month 4: (-7.6)
  • CW: 182.4 (total loss -57.6) 
  • Inches: 
27.75 Inches…Buu-Bye!

I am pretty happy about my progress. Surprised about my loss this month, I thought it would be a few pounds more. My other app says -9 lbs down this month, so I am thinking I’m off in the math somewhere in the early months.  But the total is still the same. Next month I won’t have to whip out the calculator since Im using the My Weight app now.  I am THRILLED with the inch loss though. Funny, I finally lost some in my waist! This big ‘ol belly does not want to budge though, does it? 

I do know I probably had one of the worst months of all in terms of sticking to plan. With the Holidays and making it a point to see my friends more, I know I did not eat as well as I should have. That’s not to say I went nuts, obviously not, but I could have easily slid back into old habits so I’m thankful I at least kept a hold on that. And I’m ‘back on the wagon’ so to speak in terms of nutrition.

I’ve been diligent about getting my fluids in these last few days to try and abate some of this hunger. It’s helping a little. I was over at a girlfriends house last night and she had this pitcher of water with sliced lemon, lime, and orange floating at the top. Not only was it gorgeous but it was so refreshing! Needless to say I went out and bought the fruit today and sliced it up in a water pitcher. I could drink water like that all day long! If you’re having trouble with your water intake, I highly recommend giving this a try.  

Seems I am holding a steady pattern of about 9 pounds a month. Hoping for 12-15 this month though. I’m upping my running training and incorporating core and strength more so I don’t see that jump as unreasonable. I’ve got Vegas coming up people- it would be awesome to be in the 160’s by then. 

So that’s my 4 month update, y’all!  ðŸ˜˜


    9 thoughts on “4 Month Sleeve-Aversary

    1. Great numbers Amanda. Remember it doesn’t happen overnight. I have stalled with only minor weight loss for a couple of months now but I have not let it get me down. We must acknowledge the great adventure we are on and let the weight loss take its course.
      All will be good in the world!!

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    2. Congratulations! The success we feel when we see these totals is unlike anything else. (I had lost about 100 lbs. before with diet & exercise and had kept track of my measurements.) My hubby and I never got around to doing initial measurements before my VSG though. Boo. I figure I’ll start at Month 1 post-op. Keep up the great work!

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