Objectives Overwhelmed

Ok, so there are so many pros to making goals and lists. They are necessary and help keep you focused. I live by lists – I even have  a very specific symbol system in place–deltas, astrisks, bullets, arrows, circles — you get the picture. 

I am hyper-focused this New Year and I am determined to get several things accomplished. Oddly enough, only one of these goals relates to weight loss. Well two-weekly food planning and daily fitness routines. But that’s an everyday task goal not necessarily a long-term goal on the list. Yes I’m present in my journey, but it’s separate from what I’m talking about here

So what’s the problem? Well, let me make a list… Kidding. Sort-of… 

My long-term goals require quite a bit of preparation, planning, researching, and data input to kick them off. So those objectives are in the 3-month goal category. And the the tasks to meet those objectives are broken down and prioritized into the next 12 or so weeks. These tasks must be completed for any single goal to work and get me to my long-term achievement.  They are, on their own, the launch pads for the bigger goals if you will.  For example, one goal is overhauling my finances and building a realistic budget to live by… The prep work has to be compiled and put into a budget plan before we can follow it.   That was example A, but I have like A through E in the 3 month goal category that will lay the path for 1 year and 3 year goals.  All of these on my list are important to my family. They will change everything about the way we live now and prepare for what’s to come. I’ve been praying about it hard for months and God has placed it on my heart to take action. I’m listening and getting to work. 

Annnnd, with my final stretch of grad school in full effect for the next 4 weeks, work changes and challenges hitting, oh yeah and life happening…I find myself a bit daunted by the sheer volume of work that needs to be done before the end of March. Taking it one day and one week at a time to stay focused and trying not to think of all of the tasks on the full list at once. But I’m looking to the future and it’s hard not to think about the things that need to be done now and not feel a wee overwhelmed. 

Overwhelmed has previously led me straight to the cupboards for munchies. I swear I needed munchies while I did homework and research papers and that has been cold turkey cut out since surgery. But the itch still exists – I just overcome it with water and pep-talks. Lots of pep talks that usually go something like this, “$14k. $14k! A better workout tomorrow. A healthier you. Don’t get up and graze the kitchen! Just don’t” 9x out of 10 I win. But not every time. And then guilt plagues. Stress and guilt – a recipe for depression. And, as the scale indicates, a recipe for stalls. 

Taking a step aside from WLS, any advice from my fellows to tackle the overwhelmed compulsive eater? Or even the goals and tasks process?  Much appreciated…

One thought on “Objectives Overwhelmed

  1. When things overwhelm you just take a step back. Sit down (if you can) close your eyes and breath. Remember the food is the old you whereas the consideration and drinking water to cover the munchies is the new you.
    You will be fine I am sure and will do this completely and easily.
    Keep on keeping on…!

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