Strength & Confidence

“Remember when we used to sit on our asses and smoke?”

That’s what one of my dearest friends said after a run in the park together a couple of weeks ago. I laughed my head off and still giggle everytime I think of it. Because it’s so true…We would sit on my front porch, yammering about everything while smoking our cigarettes. (I miss that house…but I digress…)

Wow, life is so different than it was then. So what happened next? Let me see….my husband went through two layoffs, I got laid off 6 months later, we started a business, lost our house, cars, and retirement, closed down the business, moved to a farm, started raising cattle (our new retirement plan), husband changed careers, I went back to school, almost got a divorce, started a new career… Whew! That’s my life for the past 6 years in a very breif nutshell.  Now that’s getting personal!

The point?

I look back at all of this – all of the pain, the turmoil, the stress, just the hurdles life has thrown in my path – and I look at myself in the eyes today. I. Am. Badass.  And I am PROUD of myself. I didn’t just survive these things, I fought the battles, and I conquered them.  Looking at where I’m standing today, I am holding the flipping gold metal!

I am not just rambling on to pat myself on the back to y’all. Thing is, I want to remember these things and hold them in my memory on purpose.  Lessons to learn, absolutely. But more than that, proof that I have the strength to overcome and persevere.  Self-confidence hasn’t been the easiest thing for me, like ever.  But reflecting on these things makes me realize I am strong. I should be confident in myself. I can look in the mirror and see pride.  So, as I look to kick off a new year tomorrow, I am going to remind myself of these things every day. I refuse to see failure in the mirror any. more.

I urge each of you to maybe do a little reflection of the obstacles you have likely overcome in your life as well. It’s enlightening – and dare I say liberating – to realize where your strength has guided your path, and maybe you don’t really realize it until you look back…

Don’t walk quietly into 2016. Jump for joy into it and make it the best year yet!

Happy New Year All and let’s do this – with no inhibitions and full of confidence!

A Brand New You, Effective Tomorrow