Before and during

Hello y’all! Great start to the week! Can you BELIEVE Christmas Eve is in 10 days? Where is time going this year-it’s been a very fast year! 

Not too much to talk about today, but wanted to share some pictures- some “before” and “during…” side-by-sides that really blew me away today.  I know I see a difference in the mirror but I also always see something different when I look at pictures of myself. Does anyone else do that? Think, that’s not what I see when I look in the mirror, who Is that woman?  I still think that but at least I see I am making progress. 
I went to a really fancy Holiday party over the weekend.  Got my hair done in a great bottom cross-braid where it was loose and curled on the side. I felt so pretty. It’s a wonderful thing when a girl gets to be gussied and glamorous out on the town for a night once in awhile. Especially one that works from home sporting yoga pants or workout gear all day and simply (most of the time) brushes her hair. Otherwise it’s a pony tail or messy bun. And I didn’t even have to wear spanxs, the dress flattered enough so I didn’t have to fight with that contraption riding up all night lol. Not a single picture turned out with decent lighting but here’s these I thought I would share

Fun fun with show and tell.

Remember the ankle I rolled last weekend so bad? I did a very light run this morning and all seemed fine. Until I got off and the day progressed. My ankle is swollen, painful to the touch, and making me limp by this hour. I really am hoping to avoid x-rays.  More than anything I want to get back to my training. It’s clear I have to find other routines until this heals. Huge set-back from my goal of running a full 5k without walking by March 4th.  We’ll see how long this keeps running halted. Got to stay positive.

Been back on track with eating. Tonight I made this great healthy chicken and bean chile that was so good my husband ate all of what was supposed to be my lunch tomorrow :(. Oh well, I’ll throw one together again tomorrow. I’ll post it my recipes page soon. 

So I may have taken 3 steps back in following the program but I know I’ve at minimum taken 1.5 steps forward this week to reclaim. Would be better if the ankle wasn’t bad. So strength  training and modified Insanity here I come. 

Well that’s it for me tonight. Hope you are all doing well!


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