2 Month Surg-aversary 

Today marks exactly 2 months to the day from surgery. I have mixed emotions about that because I am not where I’d thought I’d be at this milestone, but overall am proud of the progress I’ve made so far. 

I’m down a total of 30.8 lbs. I just literally broke the 200’s – but barely. I know the doctor said I’m  progressing just fine but I have put it a LOT of effort here with running and eating and just though I’d be closer to the 40 lbs+ milestone right now. 

Which speaking of food- I’m getting so bored with my diet. I am going to have to really start delving into some recipes to get some variety soon, or trigger foods are soon to become a real problem. I do well avoiding the kids after-school snacks but they are looking more and more enticing as the days of baked chicken, hamburger patties, and protein shakes consist of my daily diet. I did make a chicken and white bean chili tonight that is less spicy than the last batch I made-which was so good but my pouch can not handle anything with a semblance of spice yet-not even salsa for eggs.  Hope it’s a yummy change that I can handle.  Fingers crossed…

I’m a bit ambivalent these last weeks about my journey so far. Not in a bad way- I feel like if I focus less on the scale I am less stressed about the progress I am (not)/making and I can focus on the daily activity and routine of my food and diet. Plus, I’m just sort of tired of worrying right now-it’s taking away from some of the real progress am making on a daily basis.  That’s not to say I am not. I’m still thinking about it, just not obsessing about it. I hope that makes sense.  

Enough about WLS for right now. Some life and NSV wins

  • I’m killing it at work. Just started this job in May-my dream job/company- and I am kicking ass.  Hope this trend continues as my client load becomes more complex in 2016.
  • I found some workout skorts I love to workout in on clearance for $5 each and was able to get a Large! Not XL- large. And they fit well!
  • My old company is paying me premium to come in for two days this week and week after Thanksgiving to do some things I’m the only one who could do-which is really much needed cash. 
  • I’ve been killing it at C25k training and additional running training. Very proud of myself and the progress I’ve made. My goal is to run 3.5 mikes without stopping by my birthday and like an omen found one 5k race the day after in my town.
  • Husband notices BIG differences in my body. Happy!
  • Did I mention I only have 9 papers (not counting assignments) until I’m done with school forever?!
  • Relationships in my life are becoming more rich and I am able to reciprocate more than I ever have been able to (time management issues in the past).

I’m trying to dedicate more time to everyone’s blogs and stories because I really love this WordPress community and want to know others victories. I’m sorry I’ve been behind and promise to be more present going forward. I think about you all many times a day and wonder how each of you are doing. Just haven’t been able to catch up on my emails.  So sorry my responses will be delayed but I am reading and catching up over the next couple days. You all are so inspirational and just wonderful people- I’m so thankful to share your friendships. 

See you in the posts soon. Much love!



9 thoughts on “2 Month Surg-aversary 

  1. Love what you said about backing off of the importance of the scale just a bit. Of course this is still super important, but you nailed it – focusing on the changes like your food choices and exercise will guarantee results! Focus on the results (weight) too much and the changes don’t quite add up. You’re doing this and your results to date are amazing!! Just think: when’s the last 2 month stretch you’ve had where you lost 30lbs?? You’re doing it!!!! 😊

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  2. Don’t forget you are building a lot of muscle with all that working out. So you may not see weight loss at the levels you want, but you’ll be losing inches, and helping to prevent saggy skin issues with all that great muscle. 30lbs in two months is great. Especially when it could have been 4-8 lbs each month instead without surgery.

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    1. That’s what my doctor said too about the muscle. I am definitely watching the measurements too and have been pleased with the progress. I keep reminding myself about the skin too, that the slower I lose the better for my skin to keep up. All the positives are what I’m focusing on right now for sure!

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  3. You are doing fine. I think in the first 6 months I lost 6 stone – 84lbs.
    That equates to 14lbs per months and I was not unhappy with that. I too used the gym and walked etc so you are on target to be getting there. Don’t forget, if you lose too quickly you could damage your health and that is NOT what this is all about.
    You are doing brilliantly so keep it up!

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  4. Girl, are you kidding?! 30 lbs in two months?! That’s crazy! What diet have you ever been on and lost that much weight in that short a period of time? Man, you are kicking ass! That’s like 15lbs a month! I was losing exactly that much and I lost 150lbs in 10 months. It was insane. You are right on track and don’t you forget it. Take it easy on buying clothes in the new sizes, my closet IS ridic, cause I refuse to get rid of my bigger sizes. Food WILL get boring, and frustrating, that is totally normal. I think at some point you will be able to add spice back into your diet, maybe you are still healing in there. Now I just focus on all the food I CAN eat. Meat, fruits, veggies, nuts, (twigs and berries too sometimes, gah). You are doing great. Be patient with your body and things will start to change at a crazy pace. CONGRATULATIONS AMANDA!!!!!

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  5. You are totally making progress! Look at everything you’re accomplishing! I’m getting the surgery next month and I’m seriously impressed with how far you’ve come. You should count every single thing as an accomplishment. You are making progress. You lost 30 pounds in 2 months. THAT IS PROGRESS!! AMAZING PROGRESS! Don’t compare yourself to other people. That’s what we have to focus on. The reason this surgery is an option is because not everyone is the same, right? SO DON’T FORGET IT! Keep on rockin’!

    XO Al

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