Food is Psychological

My husband just does NOT understand. 

He’s one of those who can eat and eat and eat and not worry about it. Let’s also add that he walks about 6-7 miles a day on his job. Weight for him has never ever been a battle and he love love loves food. 

We met family tonight from out of town for dinner. At a pizza joint. I asked him if I had to go (I knew it was going to be torture for me-I’m just not quite there yet). He made a big deal about it so, of course I went. 

I ended up eating a about a 1/4 of a chicken Cesar salad wrap which was really delicious. But I was really really thirsty the whole time and of course couldn’t drink anything. And surrounded by such ooie-gooie goodness of pizza and garlic knots all around me. I was miserable. I was really trying not to be – just ignore the food and carry on… But really I was.

My husband got a little pissy with me after we left and was like, what is wrong with you-you’re acting all bleh and down!  

Really. He just doesn’t understand. And I guess he won’t for as long as I am not used to this either. 

Other than being thirsty as everything, I was satisfied with my meal. Just, I don’t know, maybe the feeling of being forbidden from something..??

I keep correcting everyone that knows when they say “can you have that?”  My answer is “I can have anything I want, I just choose to make a better choice.”  Making those choices are definitely forced right now, true. 

I am excited for the day when they are natural choices and not a psychological battle. 

NSV- today I am able to get my wedding band off! I haven’t been able to get it off in almost a year! Woo hoo! šŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Food is Psychological

  1. I’m sorry you’re having a struggle. I have been a little more lucky, I guess. I haven’t really experienced cravings or longings since my surgery. Maybe I’ve been a little hyper focused. I have; however, struggled with what to do for fun, boredom, celebrations, etc. Food was a big part of my life before. So when good things happened… We celebrated with food. When we were bored watching tv… We filled the time with mindless snacking. Food was it for a lot of things. So I had to work to learn new things to do rather than food. Luckily, my husband was on board for that. Maybe you’re hubby will understand if you try to explain it to him. I’m sure he want to understand. Just try to put words to what you were feeling. It does get better though… Hang tough!!šŸ˜Š

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  2. It takes time before we are completely happy with our choices. What I tend to do is order something healthy and focus on that when it hits the table. I know I shouldn’t say this but I almost deliberately feel a little smug because I have made the healthy choice. The food desires will eventually go I can promise even if you need a little psychological help with kicking them into touch. Once you are full with your healthy choice, you should no longer be craving any other foodstuffs at the table and can maybe “treat” yourself by having TINY mouthfuls of occasional other naughty bites…..
    P.s Why were you thirsty? Can you not drink and eat at the same time?

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    1. No, the rule is no drinking 30 mins before or 30 mins after food. It’s a biggie rule too. Not only is it my doctors orders, there’s a lot of articles about this as a part of bariatric procedures I’ve read too. Let me know and I can send you some info on it.

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  3. I agree with the other replies you received – you will make that mental shift. I also feel a little empowered to be eating something healthy why the rest fill up on the things I know helped make me fat. It will get better!

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  4. I completely relate to you honey it’s the worst feeling . My husband was not supportive after surgery at all all he did was eat eat and it actually made his cholesterol go up. I told him it was karma for being so insensitive to my chances lol. He never has to worry about weight he is thin and built . But now almost three months out we learned how to go out together to eat and we order something to share and he is more patient with how slow I eat etc. it takes time it still amazes him that I get full so fast . It’s a process and it was not easy at first. Hang in there and u guys will find ur happy medium and itll be great .

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