Well it’s mid-week and so far I’ve kicked some butt already. I think…

I have been religiously logging everything that goes in my mouth in My Fitness Pal. I probably spent an hour+ going through everything in the app, logging goals, linking my Fitbit, upgrading to Premium… It really has paid off. I am getting a really good idea of what I’m getting in and where I need to adjust. Having this visibility is everything!  Really helping me a lot!  Thanks for all of the advice y’all!

I am hoping I broke the 2 lb yo-yo cycle this morning.  I was down a pound from my lowest log overall, breaking the stall (I truly hope) of a week and a half. I am really hoping this trend continues. Im officially 7 weeks post-op today and am down 25.6 lbs. Not where I thought I would be, I really feel like I should be around 35-40 lbs by now. I just keep telling myself to be more patient. That my skin will be able to keep up better if it comes off slower…. Whatever, just start dropping already! Grrrr…

Sorry, carrying on…

So I started Insanity Max 30 today. Holy Shit!! Annnnd that about covers it! I think I almost died, but I plowed through it. Day-dreaming of the day I can do all of these videos without modifications and can keep up the whole time. Bring it! Now if I can C25k early in the am and then Insanity at lunch time I’ll be in a really good place. Either way, one or both get done each day, so that’s progress. (I finally admitted to my husband I bought the Insanity program. So glad he wasn’t upset about the price tag.  Love his continued support!)

Overall I think my emotions are still pretty low, but not as bad as last week. I am still really frustrated and have to continually talk to myself to not get too low. But I feel like maybe this week I’m on the upper end of being being low-if that makes any sense.  I’m really trying and see that I am doing all of the things I’m supposed to (ok I still need to do better with fluids) but overall I am making a little more progress every day.

Comparing myself to others is hard not to do. I know we as a community talk about this topic a lot, but–we are the only litmus we have for this process.  Progress, wins, failures, tips, advice… That’s exactly what we share with each other in a very intimate way through this blogo-sphere home. So…how do we not compare with one another? I’m so proud of each of us for taking this step-myself included in that-and I want to be in the ‘success’ circle… And so I just need to make sure I am a success. In my daily activities, my eating, my fitness, and my psychological health.  All of it. 

Well, I’m a work in progress…and I’m glad I’m at least progressing. 



10 thoughts on “Progression 

  1. And that final parting sentence is EXACTLY what you are Amanda, you are a work in progress and you ARE progressing.
    Don’t forget you are still getting your head around the entire life changing surgery. I am 7 months on and am still trying to work it out as you know. Theses things take time. Nothing comes easily and this weight loss surgery is only a tool, but by god its the most effective tool you will ever get. If you combine it with exercise and healthy eating, NOT small portions of poor food choices but Bariatric sized portions of WHOLEFOODS, I promise all will be well.
    It honestly sounds to me like you are not doing too much different to what I did when I was at your stage and I have now lost 112lbs. It is a mental fight we have with ourselves but you are completely correct that this community can help us all with our successes and our failures, help us celebrate and help us get back to it.
    Again, look at me, I am the living proof…!

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    1. You’re right, this is such a psychologically challenging change. More so than I would have ever guessed it to be. I am eating good foods, trying to get as much protein and as few carbs as possible. I wish I liked Greek yogurt (despise it) it would really help my protein intake a lot! Thank you for the encouragement that you were at the same place I am when you were at this stage-it helps to know I’m actually NOT failing…just losing at maybe a little slower pace. I did hit 205 this morning so hopefully my stall is officially done for right now. Until the next one of course-which is to be expected I know.

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      1. That is great news and great that you understand these things happen. Everyone I know stalled. Everyone I know has different weight loss rates. It all depends on how big you were, how you eat, how you manage your exercise etc etc.
        You are doing everything right so don’t stop now!


  2. Please remember, it’s a process. A journey. Look at the changes you have made! You’re looking at what goes into your body. You determine if it’s good fuel or not. You’re exercising and not hating yourself for it but rather looking forward to when you can do more. THAT is amazing progress!!!! Keep going!

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  3. So hard to not compare ourselves to others on this journey!! I find myself doing it often and then reminding myself of the positive changes I’ve made. It’s a journey… and as much as I’d like to be able to post huge losses every week, I really am satisfied with my slow and steady pace. You’ve got this!!

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