My Fitness Pal

Can any of my sleever friends here give recommendations for macronutrient goals setting in the app? 

I know Protein at 90g/ day, but where should I be for fats and carbs ratios?  I set mine based on an 800 calorie day…should I be lower (600?) at 7 weeks post-op??

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


9 thoughts on “My Fitness Pal

  1. At my 1 month with the nutritionist, she told me to start working on getting calories up to 1200. I’ve been pretty consistently in the 800-900 range, and even hit just over 1000 once so far. As for fat & carbs, I know that I do best keeping my carbs under 50, and I don’t worry about fat at all. And my protein is usually 100ish. Hope that helps!

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  2. Definitely not lower than 800 if you can tolerate it! I feel like I got a lot of misinformation that people were eating 800 calories a day for the first year- that is not life sustaining lol. I felt like garbage until I got my calories over 1000.

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      1. Especially if you’re exercising, you need the fuel! I actually found that I experienced a long stall when I was stuck under 1000 calories because my pylorus was not working, and when that resolved and I was able to hit 1000 I started losing more consistently and was able to work out harder without feeling faint. It depends a lot on how hard your exercising to how high above the 1000-1200 range you want to go, but I would not go under 1000. I’m having a lot of medical issues right now that I’m convinced are because I was malnourished for so long, like getting weird viruses only immuno-compromised people are supposed to get

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      2. I am exercising a lot- everyday sometimes twice a day. I’ve been staying around 1000 a day this week based on you guys’ advice. Thank you so much- this really helps!


  3. My dietician has me at 60g protein, 45g carbs (divided as 15 per meal), and she declined to specify fat but said to keep it lower of course, which naturally happens with the diet generally. I’m 14 weeks post-op. She said to expect to be eating 500-700 calories a day, with about 1000 being where I’ll end up most days down the road. I’m losing regularly and I feel good unless I don’t get in my protein.

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