Weekend Whirlwind

My what a weekend! I had planned to get in a C25K training session in either Saturday or Sunday (better yet both?) but that did NOT happen. To that end I planned to clean my house too, but only was able to get half of it done. 

Two lacrosse games right in the middle of both days, running the oldest to and from a drama competition over an hour away, a fundraiser last night and helping my son with a HUGE project- this gal is souped! And no training was squeezed into any of that!  (I probably could have woken up earlier this morning to train but snuggling under the covers seemed like a much more important endeavor…)

I’m looking forward to a very positive week. That scale is going to move, by George!  I have to say my attitude is in the right place!  Seeing those list inches really jazzed me up!  

I haven’t been able to plan my week menu yet. This really is a sticking point with me- I really have to figure out what I will be eating everyday or I just don’t eat and we all know that’s not a good plan! So I’m planned through lunch tomorrow and will be planning the rest of my week’s menu then. 

Looking forward to a great week! Hope you all are looking forward to the same! 

See y’all tomorrow! Xoxo


7 thoughts on “Weekend Whirlwind

  1. These days I kinda fly by the seat of my pants… But early on I was tight on my meal planning. I’ve gotten better about having my fridge stocked at both home and work with multiple items that are good in a pinch. That way, if I can’t make time for a good lunch, I’ve always got a “grab and go” option available.
    It gets easier and easier.

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    1. Still hunting those recipes for bariatric eating… lol. I’m probably making it harder on myself by not planning well in advance my food. Really focused to tackle this bull of scheduling. Getting s little better everyday. 🙂

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  2. I still struggle with meal planing but I keep protein bars, protein drinks, yogurt and cheese sticks around as backups. I eat a lot of egg whites. I did make a turkey chili that turned out pretty good this week. I have gotten several meals out of it

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