Waiting to drop weight

So I am starting to get really anxious. I’ve been working out every day and eating clean like I’m supposed to. I lost the 2 lbs I gained but other than that, the weight just isn’t moving. 

I know everyone experiences stalls but I feel like I’m still too early in the journey to be stalling yet. I’m 6 weeks out as of yesterday (already?!). 

Anyway- can anyone give me some advice? What am I doing wrong?? I’m only 24 lbs down since surgery!


13 thoughts on “Waiting to drop weight

  1. You are not alone! I lost my first 45 pounds very quickly (in approx. 6 weeks) and have slowed to a complete trickle since (I’ve been trying to lose those five pounds to get to a 50lb loss for over two weeks now). I’m trying not to let myself get discouraged. Rationally, I know it has to come off at some point- calories in is definitely less than calories out. I have just decided that I cannot set loss goals on a timeline. All I can do is keep on program and know that things will eventually move in the right direction. The scale will start moving for you too, I promise!!

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  2. Okay, it is a known fact that the weight loss can plateau from time to time. Mine came at about 4 weeks when I didn’t lose any weight for about a fortnight or so. It is simply the body getting used to the fact that it is not getting all of the goodies that it used to. Don’t forget,, right up to your surgery, even off you were eating sensibly there was plenty more of it so the body wasn’t unduly concerned at the lack of glycogen that it could store but now you are massively reduced in what you can eat (in comparison to before) the body is all of a sudden now faced with a dilemma that it thinks it is being under fed so it doesn’t wan to allow itself to burn of the stored deposits in order to use them for energy and thus continue with your weight loss.
    Everyone is different at the time it hits them but it does hit and it does happen as daft as it sounds.
    Do not be disheartened, it is all part of the process. Like I say I plateaued for a couple of weeks maybe even longer and now seven months out I have lost nearly 110 pounds.
    Chin up and I hope that helps…. 😉

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  3. Yes, yes! It will come off. I hit a stall around 6 weeks. It just broke my heart. But I stayed true to my plan and finally it broke. I have hit a stall currently. I’ve been at 194 for 7 days now. I’m FREAKING out… But staying true to plan. It will crank back up. I know it will! You can do it!!!

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    1. Talk about freaking out, I gained 1.5 lb last night! Ugh! Yes I will try and remind myself these things are just a part of the journey and not stress. (Easy to say, not so much to do, lol).

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  4. Stalls stink!! They happen to everyone and some as early out as week 2! Can you imagine being just 2 weeks out and stalling? Anyway, if you follow your plan, the weight has no choice but to come off. Others have shared their stories with you and have given great advice – so I won’t repeat any of that … But…. I’ll just say you are doing great. Worry less about the scale and focus more on non-scale victories during times like these.

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  5. Are you weighing yourself everyday? I do it but I only “count” my weight on a weekly basis. It fluctuates during the week. I chose Sunday’s as my official weigh in day. So while it goes up sometimes during the week, it always levels out. Now do not get me wrong- I have hit a wall too! I haven’t really budged in 2 weeks but it helps mentally if you don’t fret about it daily.

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    1. I do weigh daily-I really can’t help it. And then I log it into my fitness pal because I like to see the graph. Trying not let it get me. Really really really trying. I’m just SO afraid that I spent all this money to be in the same boat as I was- not able to lose weight. So I can’t seem to let go of that anxiety.

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