Brick Walls

My mom warned me of this. I really didn’t know truly what she meant until today though. She and two of her sisters had the gastric bypass about 12-15 years ago. She said that when you hit the wall, (they all said it), you have no reserves to pull from after having bariatric surgery. 

Well mama, I hit a damn wall today! And I feel as weak and drained as everything. Ok.  I know I’m not getting enough food every day. It’s lack of preparation on my part and a diligence to make good food choices at the same time. And I haven’t been taking my vitamins. 

I’ve got to get my sh*t under control. I can’t just keep winging it. This is important. I’m letting too much of my crazy life get in the way of taking time to take care of me.  

So I’ve hit a literal and physical brick wall. I post this not to shame myself, I know what I’m doing wrong folks. I do. I post this in case others are going through this or to prevent pre-ops from going through this. Be prepared to be prepared, plan, schedule, get all of your calories in from the right foods of course, get your fluids in and take your vitamins! 

So me and my brick wall are going to bed and hope to take my own damn advice the rest of this week and going forward.