So I’ve had a consistent headache for 4 days now. Yesterday was so bad, I think I was in migraine territory. I was close to throwing up many times last night. I found some children’s Tylenol and hit the dark bed and eventually passed out for the night. I have a headache still this morning but nothing like last nights. 

I know headaches are often caused by dehydration. I’ve been getting my fluids in great for the past 4 days though, I don’t know what it could be? Am I not getting in enough food? I have been working out this week- maybe I’m burning too many calories for what I’m putting in…?

Hopefully I can get this under control because I’m kind of irritable about it. Any suggestions would be welcome.


7 thoughts on “Headaches

  1. Hey girl! Fellow migraine sufferer here. Migraines are such a puzzle, as they often seemingly random. How much are you working out? Unless it’s hours upon hours, it shouldn’t cause migraines… and if it IS hours upon hours (like me right now- training for a marathon!) I have some tips that work for me that might also work for you! ❤

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  2. I had the worst malnutrition related headaches from 3-8 months, I was previously never a migraine sufferer but I had to leave work once because of it. For me it was vitamin deficiency issues- are you on top of taking all your Bs and D and Iron regularly? I also noticed shooting pains in my arms, minor confusion, major fatigue, and my toenails developed horizontal ridges from vitamin deficiency.

    All of those issues cleared up once my diet got back to normal. I don’t know what your post op visit schedule is but it’s a good idea to get labs every three months, I kept the old copies in a folder and compared changes so I could tell if the supplements I was using were actually working.


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