Weird Sunday

So this post really doesn’t have a title, I just randomly typed one. I’ve had a pretty weird day though. I slept in until 11 today! Woke up starved but for my first meal of the day I actually can’t eat food- it’s too much for my pouch. I start my day off with a protein shake. Went down fine…

Even though I indulged in slumber this morning, I have been booking it all day. I haven’t really given the house a good scrub down since surgery so today was the day-windows and walls and all.  I cut myself off at 5 to do dreaded school work and just finished that for the night. 

Here’s the weird thing- I haven’t been able to eat food all day! Every time I try to eat I feel full and sick, like I ate too much. After 2 bites! I got my water down today-go me!- but would stop drinking in preparation of eating. But no go everytime I tried to  eat. 

It’s 9 and I have a headache from hell and imagine it’s from lack of food. (No Tylenol in the house either :()  

Anyone else ever go through this with the food? Hopefully I don’t run into this tomorrow…

On another note hubs said he can really really tell the weight loss. I did measurements before surgery, wonder if I should do them again now, just to see…Now, does anyone know where my measuring tape went?



5 thoughts on “Weird Sunday

  1. I can’t remember how far out anyone is from surgery… but sure…. There are still days that I can’t eat food like usual. Some days I may eat next to nothing but then I’m fine the next day. It’s usually once a week or maybe a little less than that. Kinda comes and goes. It does get better as time passes though.


  2. There are still days I can eat without any issues – just normal restriction and then other days I feel like everything is a “throat closer” (at least that is what I call it). Hang in there!

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