Clothes are going to be easy this fall and winter as I waste away (hopefully). I like billowy shirts for one. They are supposed to be long and flowey (Vera wang style) but really they have just been regular tops for this bigger body. Well, I’m noticing that my flowey shirts are getting more flowey! Yay!! 

So, I just have to invest in a black cardigan. All of my flowey shirts are short sleeved you see.  Another investment are just regular solid crew top long-sleeves. $8 a shirt, no problem. I have a scarf addiction and so glad they’re still in fashion. I found three new awesome ones for the season I just had to get. I think I have jeans that will fit me down to a 14.  So the plan for my fall/winter wardrobe is leggings and flowey shirts with a cardigan or jeans and crew tops with my gorgeous scarves. That will get me through until Spring when I hope to have to start filling in my closet a little more. I may have to get new gym clothes as I shrink up…those things are expensive though so I will be wearing what I have until they’re falling off lol!

One let down I had though… I ordered super cute knee high boots-the scrunch ones-in black and taupe-they were a super deal! $25 pair! I really need new ones- the ones I have are a wreck after 2 seasons. Got them and tried them on today and they will not go over my calves. YET!! Now I just have to keep them off my oldest child who is coveting them since I can’t wear them now. Hmmmm.

So overall it’s a relief I don’t have to get new clothes for awhile. And when I do have to get them for spring and summer, they will be significantly smaller and cuter than this summer’s wardrob. 

I can’t wait!


8 thoughts on “Clothes 

  1. I had clothes all the way down to a 16 in my closet. So I basically went from a 24 to a 14 in 5 months. I had to start filling in this month. My shirts are still kinda ok and my dresses I just sorta cinch up a little more. But I’d say by Christmas… I will have to abandon the last of the “make do” stuff and actually replace a few things.

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  2. I thought with a 31 lbs loss I’d be down a size, but not really yet. Although I haven’t really tried anything on – I haven’t had to because I work from home. My 18 are baggy but still not ready to gulp and try on the 16 yet…


  3. I have been having fits with my clothes recently and am in this weird phase where stuff it either too big/fall off or too tight to where I look like the Goodyear mascot. Ugh. I found a solution for my bras though. I bought one of those Genie bras from TV – it fits you through like 3 sizes so the $10 was worth it. And they’re comfy. Least I have ONE thing I can wear. 🙂

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    1. Yeah I’m wondering what my boobs will do once I drop a good bit more lol. That in-between sizes sucks, that’s where I am too. Why I haven’t tried on my 16 yet. Not quite there I don’t think.


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