5K Saturday

So my good friend and I did a 5k this morning. She’s a runner but wore a weighted vest and power walked with me the whole race. Longest I’ve power walked since before surgery. I did not run an iota of this race but was not unhappy with our time at all which was 55 minutes.  I did this same course 2 years ago and jog/walked it at 46 minutes- so really not too far off. So yeah there’s a NSV!

Gotta tell you about a WLS cookbook I bought off amazon this week. It’s awesome! All of the recipes are WLS sized and have nutrient stats! It’s Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook for Dummies.  I was a little hesitant about a for Dummies book but read so many reviews on lots of WLS cookbooks and this one had by far the best ones. Just flipping through it this evening there’s several recipes I’ll be trying out soon! I definitely recommend it for your cookbook library.  

I made the ricotta bake for lunch today. I loved it- my pouch did NOT.    First meal where I have actually felt sick after eating it. And I only ate 2oz.  My son will be happy he will be getting those leftovers. 

Go up to the north Georgia mountains tomorrow for the apple festival with my folks and kiddos.  I love this time of year when everything starts changing to red and gold and everything in between. It’s just gorgeous!  I don’t happen to have a lot of spare cash right now to really enjoy it like normal, which I’m bummed about for the kids. I’m sure they’ll want lots of stuff – the local Apple eats-and I just have to limit and say no a lot. But I hope they still have fun anyway hanging with me. (Of course they will, I’m mom) lol. 

I’ve had a few NSVs today.

  • Some shorts I usually wear around the house were comfortable but skin tight. I put them on today for pjs and they are baggy! 
  • The XL t-shirt I got from the race is very baggy on me too – I could have gotten away with a large I think. 
  • My small Fitbit HR notch went down too- I can now latch the 3rd wrung. 
  • One of my closest friends text me and said she could really see my weight loss so far in my face from the picture above. 
  • My husband told me I looked extra hot tonight as we got ready to go out for the evening. (Although it’s been a week since I put make up on and did my hair up, lol)

Not too shabby!

I’ll post a pic from the mountains tomorrow.

Wore out and hitting the sheets. Night my favorite peeps! Do something nice for yourself tomorrow-you deserve it!



6 thoughts on “5K Saturday

  1. Ok, I’m dumb, what’s NSV? On another topic, I noticed that after surgery my body did not like food with a lot of fat in it. I’m not sure if you used low fat ricotta, it’s something to consider. Low fat, no processed sugar, no flour. Eating this way has kept my body happy!

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    1. Haha-NSV means “non-scale victory”. I did use low-fat ricotta, but it was still too much for my pouch. I’m staying away from all of those things. It’s not easy though. My daughter asked me the other day if I “was allowed” to eat something. I kind of got defensive and said I was “allowed” to eat anything I wanted I just chose not to. Lol. I just have to embrace the decision I have made in better humor. 🙂


  2. What an awesome accomplishment on the 5k. I will check out the cookbook! It was on a list given to me – I was put off by the “for dummies” but should not have been! I agree that NSVs are awesome! Have fun today! 🍎🍏

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