After a fun 4-day long weekend at the beach I am glad to be home. Not because I wouldn’t rather be soaking in the sun and playing in the sand as a full time job, but because I realize how very vital routine is to my life right now as I develop my new lifestyle of being a sleeved and healthy woman. 

I’ve thought a lot on the drive home about what I want my days from here on out to look like. It’s time to incorporate daily excersize back into my week for one. I really have not been strong enough to do it every day since surgery, but I’m going to do what I can every single day starting in the morning.  I walked a LOT on this long weekend trip so I think I will do just fine now.  

I need to plan my menu for the week on Sunday nights and prepare an eating schedule. Now that I’m on regular foods, it’s vital that I only eat 3 meals and a snack each day. I’m so sick of protein shakes right now it’s not even funny. I think it’s time to start using the powders for fillers in other foods. I have been having to use the shakes to get my protein in for the day, which means I’m eating or drinking about every 3 hours. (That being said, I’m only consuming 300-400 calories per day).  I found what looks to be a yummy protein bar I can make on Pinterest so I’m going to whip that up this week. If it’s good I’ll post it. 

So I’ve been away from the scale for four whole days now. I’m eager to see what it says in the morning…

So that’s what this week’s focus is going to be, getting in a routine. I’m surprised at how excited and relieved I am to do this too. 

No seriously, I am.

Have a great Monday y’all! Xoxo