Camping 2 weeks post-op. Hmmmm…

So I am completely. Utterly. Exhausted. And we still have two more days to go. 

Today we went on a 6-hour deep sea fishing trip. I fished and it was fun but toward the end I was feeling the strain on my stomach pretty good from reeling all those fish in. Not to mention I was running on water and protein shakes alone for the day. 

We went to an all you can eat crab- leg buffet for dinner and my husband kind of made me feel bad because we had to pay for me even though I could only eat 4 oz of boiled shrimp and a little crab. But what was I supposed to do- wait in the car? And I was staaaaarving! I needed real protein. He wouldn’t have cared only the bill was $150. He’s been ill the rest of the evening since. Ah, well, I guess we all have adjustments to make on this lifestyle change, huh?

It’s been really tough sticking with good decisions on this trip. I’m surrounded by camper food and snacks and I’m just plain hungry. At least I’m getting full when I eat now but the in-between I get pretty hungry.  Trying to drink even more to combat that but that sort of makes me nauseated. 

There’s an early red-tide in Panama City right now which is bringing dead fish to to beaches and worst of all the sand flies that bite. We went yesterday and just couldn’t take the flies anymore after an hour. Trying again tomorrow and fingers crossed the flies are scarce. Plan is to beach bum it all day…

My cousin wanted to go shopping after dinner tonight but I literally couldn’t hang- physically I’ve hit a wall. It’s to be expected in only two weeks out, not stressing about it, just listening to my body best I can. 

So enjoying my time so far but definitely ready for bed this evening lol. 

Hope you’re all doing something great for yourself this weekend! 

Until tomorrow….xoxo



8 thoughts on “Camping 2 weeks post-op. Hmmmm…

  1. You know, this made me a little bummed for you. Regardless of how much you can or can’t eat, you deserve a meal. I’ve been so lucky to have a hubby who tells me that all the time – no matter the price. You deserve a meal too. While I realize we can’t eat much and even I think about not ordering a meal when we go out due to lack of volume I can eat, I remind myself I need and deserve the few bites I do get and enjoy it.

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    1. I think he was more sticker-shocked than really upset with me directly. But yes as prepared as I’ve been for food, this trip has been a little of a challenge for me. I think it’s all still too new, the psychology of this new life of mine not quite settled in, is all. All will be well once I’m back in my routine at home. 🙂

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  2. Did your surgeon give you a card? Mine gave me a card that said I have had Bariatric surgery and should be allowed to order off the kids and/or senior citizen menu. I’ve not had to use it yet… Generally in buffet situations I explain to them that I won’t eat more than 1/2 to 3/4 cup of food and they generally charge me kid price. We try to stay away from the buffet or all you can eat stuff for that reason… But there have been times that we had no other option. The restaurant is always happy to accommodate.
    I’m sure you are getting a little more tuckered out than usual. Just listen to your body. You’ll gain more strength soon!

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      1. Nope. Not at all! I took a nap everyday for the first two weeks. Then, when I went back to work… I was usually knocked out by 8pm. Just couldn’t stay awake. I would try to do years work… because it was summer time… I could do about 45 minutes to an hour and then I was spent! I would just apologize profusely to my husband and he said… Babe! You just had surgery and you eat like a baby. Give yourself time!
        Question… Are you an overachiever who feels like they have to do everything for the spouse and kids? I am. It just tore me up that I couldn’t get it all done anymore… But it will get better. Plus, they can learn to help more. No worries though… I am back to doing is all again now and I wish I wasn’t! LOL!!!
        Early on I sat out of a lot of things just cause I didn’t want to get dressed and put make up on.

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      2. Yes I am total overachiever and I too am struggling with not being able to help. I can’t tell you how many times I apologized to my husband this weekend while we were camping, lol! I think that my body is trying to adjust and my BP meds are off kilter because of the surgery. I am pretty certain I’m manic since surgery which is causing my emotions to be all over the place. I’m hoping to level out soon. Glad to know I’m not being abnormal with the early bed-times! Thanks girl!

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      3. LOL! Not at all!!! There are still days that I crash at 8:30… But I’ve been up since 4:30 and I’ve been humping it all day. So you know what… I go to bed. No big deal.
        You’re welcome! You know me… I love to give advice!😁

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