Sucker punch

So you know how I said I overdid it yesterday? Well today I woke up feeling like I’d been drop-kicked in the stomach and felt that way all day. Not sure what the culprit was yesterday but man did it get me. 

I’m really trying to stay focused on the positive but I am getting discouraged. I don’t think they made my pouch small enough. I did a test tonight with macaroni. I ate almost a whole serving, almost hoping to get sick and prove to myself my pouch is indeed really small. I felt full (finally) but I did not feel sick or get sick. Wtf? I’m able to gulp water down without incident. I swear when I go in for my post-op I want drink that dye and see my pouch because right now I’m worried. I’m hungry, I don’t feel full most meals, and I’m weak and getting cranky. Plus I’m actually up a pound today- likely holding water because I haven’t been drinking enough over the last few days (but today I did).  

I see my fellow sleevers and talk to my girls from pre-op and I feel very different and alone. What if they didn’t cut enough? What if this was all for nothing? Trying not to be a Debbie-downer and maybe I’m  being too dramatic… I don’t know but my mind is all over the place with this. 

Maybe it’s my BP kicking in because my meds are dealing with this change in my body and thus they’re not as effective and its taking me down a spiral.  

So sorry for the gloom but I feel like I need to express it because maybe folks are having, or did have, the same experiences almost 2 weeks out. Just….*sigh*. These are not the issues/emotions I expected to be coping with at this stage. 

Gotta Reset my attitude tomorrow and try to believe they did cut me a decent pouch and move on. 

Sorry again guys, but I had to get it out.


14 thoughts on “Sucker punch

  1. You’re totally not alone!! I was up 1.2 lbs yesterday (day 11), and was certain there must be something wrong. I can drink 3-4 oz at a time with no problem and haven’t had any problems with food. It sucks… but I try to remind myself that I’m following the rules & things are working. It’s hard!!!

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  2. Ok… First of all, the nerves in your stomach were cut. They haven’t even had time to heal. Everyone heals differently. Some will be more swollen (thus feeling restrictions early on) while others may not be as swollen. But right now… The nerves in your new tender tummy aren’t even functioning because they have been cut… So you’re trying to see what you can get in there during a time that your brain may not even be getting the signal correctly. That’s not a good idea. Not to mention you did it with a slider food that will always be easier to eat, so you’ll always eat way more than you need, and it’s full of carbs with wreck your weight loss. Trust the process. Stick with dense proteins when they are allowed on your plan. Avoid slider foods. Avoid those carb packed foods. Develop good habits now so you can hang with them when weight loss is slower. Everyone loses weight at different rates. Everyone recovers in different ways. You can do this. My weight loss still goes in cycles. I always know the weeks/days to avoid the scale. Don’t get discouraged. Focus on the good things and keep your chin up! You’ll be fine!

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    1. Ok. I’m going to re-read y’alls comments every time I start to feel discouraged. I knew the macaroni was not a good choice; I shouldn’t have. I will trust the process and pray through the hunger. Thank you for helping me through this! I couldn’t do this without y’all! You are blessings to me!!!

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  3. Disappearing Darling said everything that needed said. Why are you going off the rails and eating foods you shouldn’t? I didn’t feel restriction until 3-4 weeks out. If you are physically hungry you likely need a stronger PPI as it’s likely stomach acid. If it isn’t physical, then you have head hunger problems that are going to get worse because of the bad, carby foods you are eating. Follow your plan and the weight simply has no choice but to come off.

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      1. Proton Pump Inhibitor.
        My surgeon put me on a 6 month prescription of omeprazole. It reduces the amount of stomach acid you make. If you aren’t taking one, I’d call the surgeon. This early on you should be on one.
        I didn’t even think to ask about that. Sorry.😞

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      2. It is an acid reducer like Protonix. My surgeon has all patients on one for 6 months post-op. It keeps the stomach acid from mimicking hunger.

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  4. DDarling said all the right things! Carbs always slide, don’t just be careful, don’t even think about it. You got off Scott-free, one time. Forgettaboutit, not worth it.
    Pay close attention to your MOOD. Once you lose your crutch (food), it could go all over the place. Watch out for all the stuff you in a crazy way. You may find yourself doing and obsessing over things that you and didn’t have a problem with before. It creeps up on you. Journal for yourself like crazy.
    Exercise is your friend! Not only are you losing fat but you are toning up the muscles that your fat is hiding at the same time. Changes happen even faster that way. The scale is not your friend, find some jeans you think you want to fit into (be real) and watch them go from not even budging over your knees to slipping over your hips, that’s one of the best. Only you know what makes you feel good about you clothes-wise, whatever it is, get it in a size you know is too small for you now and WORK your body to get there. I have my size 26’s next to my size 6’s as a reminder of where I’ve been. Go you chica! You’ve given yourself a tool with this surgery, use the hell out of it!!

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  5. One more thing, I don’t know if your surgery is malabsorptive yet (haven’t read up on it) but I have needed a higher dose of whatever it is I’m on because of that. If you are malabsorptive talk to your psych about short-gut syndrome. Look it up, they learn it in Med school, it matches malabsorptive surgeries.

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  6. Try zantac (rainitdine) when these hunger pangs hit. I’ve found it really helps settle the stomach acid which I was confusing for hunger. You don’t have to be on it long term for it to be effective either. I don’t get reflux so losec or Nexium seems excessive to me.


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