Wore Out

I did way to much today. I shopped and pushed a huge cart around the store, loaded all those groceries into the cart and unloaded them into the car, then back out… I was wiped. Slept a couple of hours. Then met my BFF for coffee and shopping.  
My husband kindly reminded me I had major surgery a week and half ago and I wasn’t supposed to be pushing around a cart full of groceries dammit. Of course you’re tired and hurting, he says. 

I’ve only been getting about 300-400 calories per day. Not sure if that’s ok but I imagine liquids and 1 mashed up egg a day that is all you can accumulate. I haven’t found that burst of energy others say they have. I’m jealous. Happy for them but hoping  everyday for the same good fortune to find it too. I’m not dragging along but I sure do hit a wall by the end of the night each day. I know I really overdid it today especially. 

I know it will come soon when I can excersize for real. I’ve been sort of bummed I’m really not up for doing more than I am quite yet. Still healing. It makes me wonder if the 2 days most sleevers get in the hospital makes all the difference. I went home and hour and a half after my surgery.  

Patience is what I need to embrace a little more. Being gung ho to go is not necessarily the right course of action for me right this minute.  But I can keep the attitude and just be ready for when it’s time. 

Don’t let it get you, Amanda. 

Stats: -15.8lbs since surgery. CW: 217. Very happy with that progress. 


3 thoughts on “Wore Out

  1. Be careful with coffee this early on. It will dehydrate you and right now… That’s not a good thing. I waited until I was hitting 800 calories and made my water and protein everyday before adding coffee… But that’s just me. It was a good two weeks that I took naps during the day. I went back to work after that so I really couldn’t take them then… But I was pooped at the end of the day. I mean, I felt good. No pain or nausea after coming home… But I tuckered out quickly. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Energy will return.

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  2. Take it slow. I felt good within 5 days but I tired easily. I went back to work mid week in the 2nd week. I was tired at the end of the day. Getting your water and protein in now are key. Do not be hard on yourself. Your body is going through a major transformation. I was told that it takes 6 weeks for your stomach to catch up to what is going on. You are retraining it and yourself. Sounds like you are doing great!

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