Good Friday

I woke up today and actually felt pretty normal- it was glorious!  I’ve been trying to get in-tune and listen to my body.  I did a fairly good job and when I tried those refried beans for lunch and the pouch said I don’t think so Amanda I listened.  So just the egg and protein shakes for me right now. I concentrated hard on the feeling of satisfaction to tell myself I was full. Seemed to work, so I just have to practice that until it comes naturally. 

I’ve been on the treadmill a few times this week but really couldn’t get through a decent workout. Based on how I feel today I am fired up to get back to the program starting Monday. I’ll wait to run until dr clears me on the 8th. Funny enough I have a 5k on the 10th I signed up for a bit ago before surgery was scheduled. Guess I’ll be walking that one, I’m not ready to run a full 5k yet at all.  Ground up, but that’s ok with me. Isn’t that what I essentially did on the 16th- ground level all around. Perfect. 

I’m down 16.8 lbs since surgery for a total pound loss of 22.2 lbs. I’m thrilled.  

Be proud of your milestones today my sleeved angels (and non-sleeved angels).  See you tomorrow…