Sappy Thursday


So I feel compelled to give my husband a shout out. He doesn’t even read my blog, so I’m not looking to score brownie points with my man. 

My husband an I have been through the rigors in our 15+ years. I mean serious shit. But somehow we manage to prevail and have a better marriage today than ever before. 

Yay me right? But see, this surgery was kind of a big deal…

My husband likes my size. Seriously. He is not super excited personally for me to get ‘skinny’. But he knows, knew, my weight was killing me. Potentially, quite literally.  He watched me and cheered me as I rode the diet and excersize yo-yo hell.  Watched helplessly as my self esteem went to the shitter with every pound I didn’t lose and gained +.  And he stood by me when I finally broke down and said I have to have this surgery. 

I didn’t go through health insurance folks, mine specifically excludes coverage for gastric procedures. I paid cash.  That was a big deal. As he tries to build up our cattle herd so that we can have a lucrative retirement, I essentially went out and bought a new car, when we could have bought 20 cows with that money. But he didn’t even bat an eye. Because he knows this was my last straw, my last weapon in the arsenal to finally conquer my weight problem and my relationship with food problem. And hopefully regain me in the process. He can’t wait to see me again…  

So yeah, shout out to the hubs. He deserves it.  


5 thoughts on “Sappy Thursday

  1. Hang on tight girl, between surgery and being BP it’s going to get complicated! I’m curious what med’s you are on that cause weight gain. I know a few mess with your blood sugar. If you avoid sugar in your daily life you will be ok in more ways than one.

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