Mind Food

I have been thinking and dreaming about food. I’m not hungry, but I want FOOD.  Cooking for the family today has been a struggle for my mind. I started reading articles about bariatric eating galore after I cooked dinner. I’ve read these all before but they seem to be soothing my mind hunger tonight. 

Man, I didn’t realize my relationship with food was THIS bad. Clearly this is going to be an even bigger up-hill battle for me as I re-learn how to eat after this surgery. I am going to have to be even more aware of my addiction and make good decisions. I’ll be hunting really good books on the subject and cookbooks specific to bariatric and WLS eating. I did find a great website with recipes using protein powders, it’s called Cheatclean. It’s the Quest brand recipe site, but some of those recipes look awesome. 

I’m only down 3 lbs from the day before surgery. I have to say I’m a bit surprised at that number considering I’ve been on liquids for a full week now. I don’t know, I just thought the number would be a little higher. One of my VSG friends I met that had surgery the same day as me is down 12 and is already driving!  My other friend (same day sleever) is like me, scale hasn’t moved much either. 

I’ve been following all the rules to the letter since day one and plan to continue that…hopefully this isn’t the status quo for me as I move into solid  foods stage in a few weeks. To be fair, I’m down 7 lbs total from the start of the 2-week diet date. 

I’d love to hear what some fellow sleevers first few weeks losses were post-op… And did you struggle with head-hunger immediately after surgery too?


5 thoughts on “Mind Food

  1. Look… I watched FoodNetwork around the clock after my surgery. My husband would call and say, “Hey babe… You resting and watching food porn?” I mean it was pitiful. I promise it gets better. But you are right. Your connection to food is going to be bigger than you imagined. So try to think of different things to connect with. I celebrated with food, conquered boredom with food, comforted myself with food, etc. So I went on a journey to discover new things to take the place of food. I also avoided eating any trigger foods even when they became allowed on my eating plan. It’s just what I chose to do. You’ll find your way. I promise. Stick to plan. Move. Look for new joys. It all falls into place!šŸ‘šŸ¼

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  2. I didn’t struggle with head hunger much immediately after surgery. I had been on a very restricted pre-op for like 6 months prior so I had worked through a lot of those issues already. My advice? Find a therapist. It helps you work through some of that – honestly I love mine and although I only see her ever 6-7 weeks, she’s been a great person to talk through my new relationship with food.

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  3. Even knowing that the weight loss could be pretty slow in the beginning it STILL made me crazy- you really do just have to give it time. When I look at my graph this far out it’s a very steady line going down, but at the time I felt like the numbers just wouldn’t budge.

    I remember obsessively looking at food blogs while recovering…lol! I think after all the broth and protein powder I just craved the feeling of chewing and swallowing something with substance. Don’t beat yourself up about it, it lessened a lot for me once I was able to eat solids.

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    1. I think I’m definitely in that boat. I’ve lost steady last few days but am just down .2lbs today. Just as long as the scale is going down, right? I can’t wait to be on solids. Hopefully I can conquer this head-hunger very soon.


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