Day 4 post-op

I promise I won’t be posting every single day after surgery but, for folks poking around about the process I think the first week after surgery is what people will want to know about. 

So I came home this morning from my moms. We stopped at the nail place first so I feel pretty.  Came home to the riot called my family. Husband lost his truck keys and is ill as a hornet about it. Of course I spent the better part of an hour looking for them too. I laid down for about 2 hours (in my flat bed) and groaned aloud moving in and out of the bed. 

Realized I was completely out of broth and kids ate my box of Popsicles while I was gone. So hubby and I went to the grocery store. We had quite a bit to get because the kids are out of school all week so we were gone for a couple of hours. After we got home and unpacked everything I hit a wall. Almost passed out so I’m completely done for today. Feet up and rest – that’s it for me today, folks. 

The bruising around my incisions is pretty ugly today.  I’m so fair skinned so I’m not surprised.  Still trying to get all my fluids in, getting used to the sip sip sip wait.  Very gassy today but still have not had a BM since day before surgery. I hope that’s normal being on just clear liquids for last 4 days. 

Gearing up for back-to-work Monday. Just going to try and get as much rest as possible tomorrow.  I hope to begin excersizing next week. Also, I plan to get on the scale in the morning- I have no idea what my surgery weight was and I would love to see where I am now. 

So sorry for the rambling tonight.  See you tomorrow luvs!


2 thoughts on “Day 4 post-op

  1. A friend who had body contouring surgery (and who is a fair skinned red head) told me about arnica montana: it’s a homeopathic treatment for bruising. You might want to give that a try.

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