Post-op day 3, much better

Still quite swollen but overall looks good

Day three is much better. I managed to go the full night without pain medication, but I definitely needed it when I got up this morning before heading out to the doctor.  Getting in and out of bed is still painfully difficult.

I’m hungrier than I thought I would be. I’ve been drinking broth and eating Popsicles, but I salivated over the oatmeal my mom and grandma ate earlier today.  I had to look it up when I can have oatmeal.  Week 4, damn.  I tried decaf coffee and it feels good to have a pretend cup lol. 

The last 2 days I’ve slept a lot. If I wasn’t walking or drinking I was sleeping. Today I think I’ll watch a movie. 

Besides the boo-boos I honestly don’t feel like I had surgery. I don’t know what I expected my stomach to feel like but it just feels normal. I’m really trying tap into that “full” feeling, but so far I don’t have it. Likely because it’s just liquids for right now.  I certainly hope so. 

In the mean time, while away from work, I had some pretty awesome news. My first client gave me a perfect 10 rating and some pretty awesome comments.  It’s a big deal for my company. It was escalated to my boss’s boss’s boss and the emails have just been so amazing.  I’ve got all the feels! 

My husband and kids are making a “surprise” visit to me tonight. I say “surprise”  because that was his intention, but when I said “why don’t you come see me tonight?” I ruined it. Lol! Can’t wait to see them though! 

It’s been great staying with my mom. I’m taking us to get mani-pedis on my way home  tomorrow to say thank you. 

Until tomorrow…