Is it over yet?


Ok, so this one is not about VSG or weight loss. It’s about the fact that I hate, c’mon folks feel me here, hate grad school. Im so over it already. 

I started to finish my undergrad work in 2004. I went off and on because of life events, but started back full time at the end of 2010. I changed majors twice (because I’m an idiot and didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up) and finally graduated in November of 2013. 

I took a 6 month break and decided I really needed my Masters to both match my resume experience and to secure my income and future advancement. I still believe in that decision today.  I need my Masters.  Period.  Dammit…

With the exception of the month and half break I took when I started this new job in May, I’ve been going non-stop since Feb of 2014.  It’s online, so when I say non stop I literally mean back-to-back courses.  I’ve literally been in school full time for 5 years!!! Working full time, raising a family, and running a household along with it. 

I was supposed to graduate in December, but I failed my last class -(by 1 fucking point I might add)- which is my Achilles heel, Finance.  Starting Tuesday I am taking that damned course over again and now am scheduled to graduate in February 2016. 

I am SO burned out! And as I sit here blogging instead of working on this 12-page research paper that’s due by midnight tomorrow, I literally feel ill about my next 36 hours.  

Not worried about starting my 2-day liquids only in the morning.  Nope. I’m stewing over my great hatred for grad school.  And if I never have to write another paper again, it’ll be too fucking soon!

Now. Lemme rock this damn research paper and be done with this class… *sigh*

Carry on. 


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