I went through the looooong, I mean long pre-op process today. What’s crazy is after all that, they can’t tell me my surgery time for Wednesday until Tuesday! Frustrating.  Thankfully I was a smart lady who packed a lunch sack full of protein shakes to keep me fed all day at the dr’s office. Go me! I offered one to a lady who was on her 2-week plan too, but she didn’t take me up on it. Wish she had-she was miserable hungry.

I made a bunch of new sleeve friends in the waiting room! We all exchanged contacts and will hopefully keep in touch.

So….I totally had a full-on, holy-shit-what-did-I-do, anxiety attack about the money on my way home from pre-op. Like, it was the ugly cry kind, people.   It’s not as though I’m poor and can’t afford the payments, but A-my mountain of student loan payments are coming up next August and B-the hubby and I were looking to buy a house and land in 2 years. The debt ratio is now a little staggering…. I’m just praying that I can really make a huge dent or pay off this loan before August- that’s the plan anyway. Lord above willing!  By August I will have “debt cows” that are literally that. The calves from those heffers will be sold and applied to my student loan principal every year to help pay that sucker off quicker.  Moooove over debt!

I digress…. Just had to get that off my chest – thanks for my moment.

I’ve been having white meat and fish for weeks now. I’m totally craving (lean) red meat tonight, especially after protein shakes only all day. Doctor pretty much laid it down for me that bread should not be in my forever future after surgery. Thinking I should have had a little food funeral at Alpine Bakery after all. Kidding! That’s seriously ok by me. I don’t even want it right now. I truly believe you could put a glazed donut (my weakness) in front of me right now and I would likely be like, “nah thanks”.  Point is, I think I’m mentally ready.  

So, c’mon Wednesday! Woo hoo!!!!

PS- my “predicted weight” from the doctor is 147.5. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Pre-op

  1. You’ll be fine. The money will be well worth it for sure! The surgery and recovery will fly by… Well, at least on the other side of it you’ll say… Man, that really went by SO fast! It’s an awesome journey!!! And for me, it STILL is!👍🏼 good luck!!!

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