Weekend Flash

Where did this 3-day weekend go?  I got all of my grad-work done, the house was clean but is now it’s a mess again, one movie splurge, no naps, no laundry done, and it’s damn 9 o’clock! WTH? 

Yeah there’s a bunch of other honey do’s in there that got done and more that didn’t, but today I was so busy I didn’t get to eat my first meal until dang 730p.  It was protein-shake Monday folks. And only 20oz of water. Not good, not good. 

9-days to go… Man if it goes as fast as the last three days have… I tell you, I’m having dreams about it. I don’t know if it’s nerves or my Amandalyzing brain.  I AM nervous I am going back to work too quick- even if I am still in my home and just at a desk/PC.  Nothing I can do about that though… At least if I have to lay down for 5-10 minutes, I can. 

So the pre-op diet is now a breeze. Getting past day 1 and 2 was the rough part, now it’s easy-peezy. And I’m not even nervous about the 2-day liquid part.  I can do a protein shake every 3-4 hours no problem, if today was any good indication. 

So, I went in my closet today to grab some jeans to help the hubby corral some cows (literally) and I tried to put on 2 pair before I finally found one that barely fit.  (There’s more than one reason I live in yoga pants and long t-shirts folks) I just stood there in my closet for a minute and got excited that soon, soon, most of this shit will be too big for me.