Family Gatherings

I had my first experience with social (in this case, family) gatherings today – and the buffet of food that accompanies these things. I excused myself at one point to go drink my protein shake from the cooler in my car… 

I guess it is harder for the fact that nobody in the family knows about my surgery. At least no one on my husband’s side, which this gathering was for. It makes me wonder how realistic it is for me to be able to keep this secret from them in the long term. 

Let me give you some context on my husband’s family. My weight has always been “subject matter” since the time we were dating. All of the women in this side are all small, slender women and it has always been a sort of confusion as to why my husband would be with a larger girl. Not in a bad way-look they’re great people and I love them dearly and they do love me. But this is just something that’s been a topic.  His grandma adores me but always makes some reference to how large I am every time we see each other. So them knowing I am having WLS, well it just makes me uncomfortable to add to the scrutiny.  

Maybe I’m being weird…? Thoughts?

On a foodie note- I marinated my salmon in Malibu Coconut Rum today and grilled it–it was amaze-balls! Also, Lean Shake 25s from GNC are the bomb.  Yes, I said “the bomb”- I’m a 90’s girl! 

Anxiety ridden over the lack of movement on the scale so far on this pre-op diet, I’ve been gobbling up ‘before-and-after’ pictures from WLS on Instagram and Pinterest to remind myself that this will work. If you want to follow me on Instagram I’m Not a lot of posts yet-its new-but will for sure as I begin this new journey in less than two weeks. 

I will find that healthy place where I can work out like a normal weight person and live an active lifestyle adding this tool to my health. Everything I’ve tried alone and with trainers and coaches has failed.  It’s ALL about being healthy and yes it’s also about being trim for me. Finding Skinny Me is about more than just the scale though. It’s about removing all the weight of failure from my mindset, feeling like I’m progressing towards my goals of being fit and overall a successfully active person, which I will achieve because I’m not carrying 100 extra pounds.  VSG is just another trainer in my corner.

I have a lot of work to do, continue to do, but I know I will get there- I have to believe in me.  

To all of my WLS-ers out there, get it guys and gals! We’re a great support group for one another and I, for one, am thankful for your insights and shared journeys.