Chew chew chew

Ok, I don’t hear a lot of folks talk too much about the pre-op diet, but let me tell you about my day one experience.

It. Was. Fucking. Hard. (For me anyways)

I am practicing the whole chew chew chew thing and waiting a minute and a half between bites— that’s a long damn time when you’re starving!  My stomach must be the size of a watermelon because I have seriously been very hungry all day long. It’s funny, I really didn’t realize how little I chew my food before I start to swallow until today. If you’re still a good bit out from surgery I would highly recommend starting to practice that now.  

I have heard a bit about taste buds changing after surgery. I have like 5 cases of shakes so I hope they’re still good to me post-surgery.

Ode to my nightly glass of wine….I wish I didn’t still have a bottle in the house! It will be a hostess gift this weekend, I’m certain.

So wish me luck on my next 13 days of this… It will so worth it though! I stepped out of the car tonight to talk to a distant neighbor who hasn’t seen me in awhile. First thing she asked me is if I’m still going to the gym all the time…. Um, yeah but thanks for making it so obvious you don’t believe me lady.  I can’t wait until I step out of the car in 6 months and she chews on her tongue.

A minute and a half, lady!


3 thoughts on “Chew chew chew

  1. How exciting, your date is coming up fast! I felt the same way about the chewing, I must have just been swallowing things whole before haha.
    It’s a good thing to make a habit now because food will be much less likely to cause cramping post-op if you chew the heck out of it. I had more issues with cramping than most people from what I’ve read though.

    I’m rooting for ya 😀

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