Must get back on track

I spent the weekend in NC celebrating my cousins birthday with the kiddos. NC is one of my very favorite places to be – seriously, I usually just stand there for the first 5 minutes I arrive, breathing in the glorious mountain air.

So “celebration” included an all-you-can eat buffet of Chinese food, white water rafting, and more oh-so-good-for-you eats at the Dairy Queen (because we were too tired to even think of cooking).  And because we all seemed to have gobs of homework to do today, we got on the road home early and included a drive-thru run at McD’s. 

I’m pretty sure I consumed more calories in this single weekend than I have in one week for quite some time. I feel as physically horrible as you would expect, too.  While 4 hours rafting was great exercise, I am totally off of my training grid since Thursday and neeeeeed to get back on track. 

As if I needed an excuse, pictures of me from the weekend were horrifying. Oh, here’s one of my fav’s:


I am back on track with my food and work outs as of the morning, serious.  I can’t seem to not go from one extreme from the other, can I?  But better to be on the other side than I have been on this past week, that’s for sure.  No more food-funerals and back to kicking my butt in the gym.

I’m hoping all of my blogger pals had a terrific weekend and are feeling great!  Let’s have a kick-ass week!

PS-And here’s to hoping I hear from the surgery center tomorrow 🙂


2 thoughts on “Must get back on track

  1. We have all had crap weekends for food. Don’t dwell on it. Just make the necessary changes and move forward. The key is to do better right now. Make good decisions this moment. You can’t fix or change what he been… So dust yourself off and move forward! You got this!👍🏼

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