I can’t believe I’m putting myself out here like this – I feel SO exposed! But as you can see why I had the case of the “uglys” yesterday, here are some Now pictures of me to show you what I’m working towards changing. 

Please be sensitive and do NOT pin to Pinterest!
So…. here I am-unedited. And Yes I’m wearing underwear in that last one, they’re just nude colored. Lordy I can’t wait until these are “before” pictures….

So on a side -and happier note – got my letter today! My chart is officially in the medical director’s hands for final clearance, as they say. I’m sure they will have no problem taking my money, especially considering I have no underlying health concerns. Let’s now just hope I get the surgery date I’m shooting for. Timing is everything for me for the next couple of months.  Isn’t it always though? Still, I feel as excited today as if I had actually gotten a surgery date, for some reason.

Headed to GNC today to see if they have sample packets of some of the different kinds of protein shakes. I will hate to buy a $50 tub of stuff that just tastes terrible. 

Speaking of food funerals, (oh we weren’t?)  I’m being terrible. I said adios to weight watchers Monday because it hasn’t worked anyway. And because I know I’m going to be on my two-week diet soon, and post-surgery healthy only food forever – I’ve kind of been going a little overboard with the food funerals over the course of this week.  Is it bad that I don’t feel apologetic about it either? I’m not going to totally binge or anything, but I’m just not counting points anymore, that’s for sure.  

That’s it for now… *gulp* I’m hitting “Post” now….


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