BFF Dinner

So tonight I had an awesome food funeral (Chipotle-need I say more?) with my best friend and broke the news of my decision to have sleeve surgery. As expected, she was very supportive and loving! God love her!  We decided my nightly glass of wine will then have to be a shot glass 🙂 (once alcohol is allowed of course).

So the drama with my clearance letter from my doctor continues. He had issues with wording – long story – and I still don’t know if he’s going to write it. I’m stewing over the issue, and trying, trying to be patient and give it another day. Every day is a delay and I’m really shooting for a 9/16 date with the surgery center. If I can get that dang letter in this week I have a chance.

So great way to end a trying day… Cross your fingers I get that letter tomorrow friends…


2 thoughts on “BFF Dinner

  1. I ended up going through my ob/gyn rather than my general practitioner. I figured he would be least resistant. He was thrilled to write the letter. Had it in had before end of business the same day I asked for it.
    If your doctor flakes… Can you go to a different one of your doctors?


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