In the hands of others

I am having serious anxiety today. I’ve debated whether to share this on the blog or not but I feel compelled to.  So…. I am bi-polar and  am obviously under the medical care of a psychiatrist for maintenance of my medication.

So, those of you have been through the process understand the issue of clearance. So the ONLY thing I have pending is clearance from my psychologist that I am of sound mind to make my own medical decisions.

My psychologist is very old-school and not a fan of bariatric procedures in general.  He’s giving me a pretty opposing issue on writing the damn letter. And I seriously have my ass chapped about this predicament I find myself in. I never thought my personal decisions would be left in someone else’s opinion.  I have an appointment with him on Monday to talk it through- fingers crossed he concedes to sending in the letter after our talk.

But–I do have an alternative if he won’t clear me- it will just slow my surgery date by a week or two, at least.  I’ll just have to see the surgery center’s doctor in freaking Atlanta (45 mins away).

I’m so pissed off and anxious about the whole issue altogether.  It’s my body and I should be able to make decisions about it without holding out for a doctor with pre-disposed opinions about weight-loss surgery.

I’d love to hear from others who have had various stalls in clearance…


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