In the thick of it

There have only been a few short periods in my life when I have not been overweight. Those brief periods were never longer than two years and still, I could not manage to keep the weight off. Now, fair’s fair – when I was thin I did not exercise. My true reality check – I have a horrible relationship with food. I’m a total binge eater. And aside from my obvious pants size, I hide my binge eating well.

I’ve tried all of the fad diets. I do CrossFit three times a week. I also started doing yoga, C25K training, Weight Watchers, and I even got myself a personal trainer. Granted, I don’t do any of these activities well – it’s not graceful and is quite painful to pound 240 lbs around – but I work it out as best as I can, purple faced and breathing as if I were in an enclosed coffin searching for oxygen. And that’s after the warm-up… Still, I’m working it people.

The scale hasn’t moved but a few pounds in all of this time. Weight Watchers is just not working for me and I am working too damn hard to not be seeing results. So enough is enough. I need another tool…

After months of deliberating with myself, weighing the pro’s and con’s, agonizing over taking on this kind of debt, and researching the procedure, I have decided that I am going to have the Gastric Sleeve Surgery. I found some blogs on folks who had this procedure. YouTube has been a great resource too. But I am sharing this journey in hopes of finding others like me, helping others who struggle with their weight and fitness, giving the skinny from decision to incision, and for having a little fun while I’m finding the “skinny” me.


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